Exhibitions stand design

13th To 16th November 2021

 New Orleans, US



    American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Show 2021


    American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO show 2021), has been aiming to widely celebrate the new discoveries and science for over hundred years now. It’s an ophthalmology community that has gathered at a world level- the oldest yet largest sight specialty organization. AAO 2021 New Orleans USA represents around 32,000 professional doctors protecting sight.

    The Association (AAO New Orleans 2021) encourages and focuses on new researches to empower the association members so that they can further provide the maximum quality of care to the patients.

    AAO 2021 mission is to protect and empower the patient’s lives by serving ophthalmic education, and by evolving in the field of ophthalmology. AAO 2021 In Las Vegas is an innovative platform for the advancement of ophthalmology and to ensure the highest-quality of eye care around the globe.