CES Ready Trade Show Booth Rentals Available On A Click!

Technology has never been this much important to us before! And Consumer Electronic Show has put big time efforts in bringing the emerging technology on the chief platform where it is recognised! Entire technology industry gets along together at CES to explore the next generation innovation. Held in Las Vegas every year, this trade show welcomes 1100 companies from different parts of the world (with an increase day by day) showcasing latest cutting edge technology in digital health, automotive tech, gaming, food tech, NFTs, smart home and much more. If you are going to be the part of CES 2022, we are sure that you will get your hands over un-imaginative immersive tech innovations. And assuming the given fact that you will be participating, have you finalised trade show booth rental for CES trade show yet?

Sensations Exhibits have got you some tech savvy CES ready trade show booth rentals in las vegas available on a click! Explore Exhibit Search functionality to find your best match. But in this blog post we have selected our 5 favorite exhibit booth rentals for CES 2022- helping you choose the best from your figure tips!

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Trade Show Booth Rentals Available For CES Las Vegas

Model RM172030: This 20×30 booth rental is inspired from the bold black- meant to attract the show visitors from far away. Space given here is full-fledged along with an open welcoming entrance.

Model RC112020: This 20×20 exhibit rental is best celebrated from its cave shaped centre (the unique point). Digital counters on both the sides are for your visitors so that they have an easy access to the products and company’s information.  

Model RC111020: This 10×20 trade show booth rental tops our chart because of the separate TV panels given in order to offer the visitors their own space. Meetings can be taken place on the same counters with the feasibility of presentation.

Model RM322020: This 20×20 trade show display rental is our number one favorite because of its sleek design, given space and TV panels installed on the walls (front and back). Therefore, meeting and presentations can be done separately!

Model RC71030: This 10×30 rental exhibit showcases the simplicity with some technology add-ons. It’s diagonal design and bright color is adopted to attract maximum number of trade show visitors. Sitting area in the booth can be adjusted and more digital screens can be added.

Rental Package Of These Exhibit Rentals Includes:

  • All Hardware (as shown)
  • New Graphics as per your requirement
  • Lights
  • Counters
  • Single color carpet
  • Furniture (as per stock availability)
  • TV Screen (s)
  • Shipping to convention center and back
  • Install and dismantle
  • Project management

Benefits Of Renting Trade Show Booth Rentals For CES At Sensations Exhibits

  • Fully Customizable: Trade show booth rentals also known as modular booths available at our inventory are fully customizable. Whether you want to add furniture, TV, digital screens, refrigerator or any other elements, you can request the same while giving your brief. We will amend the booths as per you specification.
  • A cost-effective solution: If you are someone who is not a regular exhibitor or belong to a small-scale business and does not want to invest a lot in displays, then renting a modular display comes with cost-effective and easy configuration feature that highly impacts your brand under your budget.
  • No Extra Labor Cost: Since we take the charge of exhibit rental installation and dismantling, you don’t have to pay any penny above the booth rental and availed exhibit essentials.
  • 100% Pre-Built Guarantee: We ensure you to deliver the finalised trade show exhibit rental 100% pre built on the show floor. You don’t have to get your labor for its building.
  • Gives you the flexibility when you have plan for re-branding: If you foresee that your company will go through the rebranding shortly, then renting a booth is the perfect option. Renting will ease out the whole process of transition at a very affordable price.
Trade Show Booth Rental Design Ideas For Solar Power & Energy Industry Shows-30

Trade Show Booth Rental Design Ideas For Solar Power & Energy Industry Shows

Did you know that trade show booth rental that incorporates creative product display/design helps in building successful face-to-face connections? Well, that’s the fact accepted by all the trade show marketers- “power point of any booth rental is its design”! Conveying the right message to your audience is the key to get inside their minds and investing in a well-conceptualised trade show booth rental design can help you achieve the objective. However, design of a trade show booth is a subjective matter- products differ from industry to industry. So does the nature of product, its size hence, its representation!

Since trade shows enables products to escape website and catalogue confinement, it becomes crucial to offer first-hand intelligent representation to the products. Considering a unique product demonstration draws a crowd and encourages your trade show booth rental attendees to engage with brand, and products, this blog post will offer you some exclusive insights of trade show booth rental design ideas particularly for solar power & energy industry show!

Upcoming Solar Power & Energy Industry Trade Shows

Speaking of solar power & energy industry trade shows in particular, you will realise that there are massive machineries and equipment to showcase in your booth! Which require some re-thinking of design outlays. The same is lined-up to be discussed further in this post. Before that here are three highly recognised solar power & energy industry trade shows to get idea from:

Distributech: DISTRIBUTECH International is a highly proclaimed event that focuses on bringing one-on-one engagement and to build business relationship. Typically, Distributech conference provides knowledge, products & services associated to energy efficiency, electricity delivery automation & control systems, renewable energy integration, demand response, T&D system operation and reliability, advanced metering, cyber security, water utility technology, communications technologies, and much more.

PowerGen International: PowerGen International, annually organized trade show works as a knowledge giving and experience sharing platform. The show goes on for three days representing new innovations made in energy industry. Whether its visitors or exhibitors- all have the opportunity take benefit from PowerGen International as it hosts insightful seminars, conferences, and discussions while focusing on the newest industry topics, trends and inventions. 

Intersolar North America: Intersolar North America is proclaimed as the prime trade show focusing on solar industry. The event offers comprehensive and exclusive insights about the American and international solar sector. Significantly the trade show emphases on solar thermal technology, photovoltaics, and solar architecture. Other than that, Intersolar also include PV cell, manufacturing system suppliers, components and mounting systems suppliers, module and inverter manufacturers, service companies as well as manufacturers of solar thermal applications, heating and cooling.

Trade Show Booth Rental Design Ideas & Product Positioning

  • Create An Environment: Create an environment that emphasis the products- environment similar to the products. To achieve the same- add graphics, relatable props, and hanging signs. You can also install kiosks right next to the products describing its geographies and advantages. This kind of architectural trade show booth rental design aids in enlightening products’ characteristics and adds the definition to the space and brand.
  • Light Up The Products Bright: Highlight your products with bright lights. You can choose HQI light, LED light or concealed light (spotlight) putting more attention on your products. Lighting up the shelves or display cases, or simply blasting the entire booth with lot of light will help centralizing the products.
  • Build A Stable Platform Supporting Big Products: Since big products often sit on the trade show booth floor, you must build a strong platform. For that, we recommend original flooring covered with a carpet. Avoiding any kind of flooring will eliminate the chances of product displacement during the show. Therefore, choose a carpet over any other type of flooring to build a stable platform that supports big products.
  • Mount The Products: Products up to 20 kilograms can be mounted however, it require extremely strong structure in order to support and prevent fall-out. Typically, the same is suggested for small to medium sized products but mounting big products comes with certain terms and conditions. If you opt to mount big and heavy products, we suggest you to analyse all the odds attached with it.
  • Avoid Displaying Too Many Big Products: A trade show booth rental swamping with too many big products looks cluttered where the space of your trade show visitors is compromised. In order to prevent clutter, consider displaying only your best sellers or new launches. It’s a proven advice for increased positive results. 


The Decade Of Transition Trade Show Technology Insights

The Decade Of Transition: Trade Show Technology Insights

Tracing the back-dated history of the trade show industry explains how exhibiting model came into existence- by demonstrating goods in market called “bazaars” specifically in Middle East. Fast-forwarding approximately 100 years, 1851 got legitimately engraved as a year marking the first-ever trade show hosted by Queen Victoria! Indeed history has a lot to showcase the bygone era of traditional marketing but when you look around, you will realize, you are all surrounded by automation-inspired technology.

Accepting the fact, technology innovation is largely considered as a process to accelerate, streamline and economize the activities around us; meanwhile, it has also contributed to transforming businesses across the world. Speaking of which, technology has always been a valuable aspect in delivering show insights, work efficiencies, and improved decision-making at the trade shows. Believe it or not, event technology has helped increase 20% trade show attendance, proliferate productivity by 27%, and reduce costs by 20-30%? Let’s unveil a few of the trade show technologies witnessed over the last decade! 

Digital Directories/ Catalogs

Years back, printed directories and catalogs were in mainstream at trade shows. However, today, the numbers of printed directories are dwindling fast. By that time, a surge was witnessed in digital directories and catalogs resulting in print cost savings while enabling show investment somewhere else. Here are some compelling findings denoting the advancements seen in trade show industry with the growth in digital catalogs:

  • Increase in visitors engagement by 33 %
  • Increase in sponsorship sales by 13 %
  • Decline in printing cost by 7 %

Event Software Programs

Two prime factors of trade shows are face-to-face marketing and lead generation- to which, strategic planning and right execution are just as fundamental to attain the success on show floor! However, in 2008World Economic Forum stated, “It’s crucial for event organizations to have core competencies- that come along with technology readiness”. In later years, event software programs such as etouches and schedulers came into existence streamlining communication and providing an optimal timeline to stay on track.


The American Marketing Association defines gamification as “the process of utilizing psychological and sociological factors driving intense gameplay to consumer measurement”. Gamification is a fantastic method to craft an environment on show floor that encourages active participation and holds attendees in an interactive mode. In fact, the response suggests that businesses gaining acceptance as investments in software programs show significant monetary benefits besides greater customer engagement. As a matter of fact, New York Based Company reported revenue growth by 126 % in the first half of 2013 soon after incorporating gamification software in its business model.  

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has drastically amplified the value of trade shows in past few years. Not even five years back, CES was proclaimed as the virtual reality technology show of the years in 2016- had an entire section of VR showroom that became a buzz in the tech world. A survey conducted in 2016 to collect responses in favor of Virtual Reality suggested, 52% of the customers were likely to associate with a brand sponsoring VR experience. Meanwhile, Intel showed a profound interest in representing what VR has to do with presentations and events by exhibiting in CES 2017.

Virtual & Hybrid Trade Shows

By the end of 2020, trade show industry took a drastic shift in hosting events. A situation with which we all are familiar! Virtual events in response to pandemic were likely to offer support to the tearing industry. Report submitted by Event Outlook, stated, 93% of business leaders invest in virtual events. On the other hand, same study report stated, 97% of event marketers expecting growth in hybrid trade shows. This new exhibiting model indeed gave flexibility and expansion to the industry.

Coming towards the end, last and foremost technology introduced by Sensations Exhibits called “Smart Booth” is another add-on to the list! Smart Booth comes with access to operate your physical booth by being remote. Hence, this decade has served tremendous technology innovations beneficial for the trade show industry while enabling organizers and exhibitors to make the most on show floor. Let’s embrace the offered innovations and see what the coming decade holds for future events!  

Full Vaccination Required To Be The Part Of Shows In Las Vegas

Full Vaccination Required To Be The Part Of Shows In Las Vegas

Committed to 100 per cent health and safety of the trade show guests and exhibits remains the number one priority of Las Vegas. Beholding the commitment to create a hygienic trade show environment in Vegas for the attendees, staff, and other workers, Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak announced that large indoor events in the city will be allowed to opt out wearing mask requirements if they verify the proof of full vaccination. Further to this announcement, majority of trade shows happening in Las Vegas made it mandatory to provide evidence claiming your full vaccination.

Solely based on today’s science urgency, vaccination is the only best hope leveraging the trade show industry with the benefit to host the shows. While raising a support for the same, Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA (owner and producer of the most influential show called CES) stated, “We all play a part in ending the pandemic through encouraging vaccinations and implementing the right safety protocols. We are taking on our responsibility by requiring proof of vaccination to attend CES 2022 in Las Vegas.” Having the same mind-set, numerous big events happening in Las Vegas adapted the same health and safety protocol.

Major Trade Shows To Take Place In Las Vegas

Thousands of attendees visit Las Vegas to be the part of huge international trade show and gather a whole lot of experience in their dedicated industries. There are couple of dozens of trade show hosts lending a platform to demonstrate various technologies from global companies, spread the knowledge via thought leaders and most importantly, collaborate face-to-face with trade show attendees. With no surprise, thousands of companies including world-class brands and start-ups visits to exhibit in shows happening Las Vegas every years! Here’s the list of major filthy trade shows in Las Vegas for which exhibitors and visitors come altogether at this land of business:

  1. Supply Side West (25th -28th October 2021)
  2. National Hardware Show (NHS) (21st – 23rd  October 2021)
  3. National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) (12-14 October 2021)
  4. Money 20/20 (24th -27th October 2021)
  5. Global Gaming (4th -7th October 201)
  6. NAB show (9th -13th October 2021)
  7. Food Ingredients North America (FI) (25th – 28th October 2021)
  8. Diving Equipment Manufacturers Association (DEMA) (16th -19th November 2021)
  9. Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA ) (2nd -5th November 2021)
  10. Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) (2nd -4th November 2021)
  11. IMEX America (9th -11th November 2021)
  12. ISSA Show North America (15th – 18th November 2021)
  13. Consumer Electronic Show (CES) (5th -8th January 2022)
  14. AHR Expo (31st January – 2nd February  2022)
  15. Shot Show (18th -21st January 2022)    

When Exhibit In Las Vegas, Remember To Connect With Sensations Exhibits!

We have a reason to your big why! Well, Sensations Exhibits is assisting hundreds of exhibitors in Las Vegas from last 18 years with guaranteed successful project completion. Reason to these successful projects and happy clients is our own production/warehouse situated in South Valley View Boulevard C, Las Vegas. Having our own production house in Vegas enables us to deliver each and every project before the given timeline. Above all, this solves number of issues of the exhibitors exhibiting in Vegas. Per say:

  1. Storage: Enables you to store your booth at our warehouse at the minimal cost.
  2. Pre Set-Up Review: Gives you the benefit to review the pre set-up of your trade show booth at our production house.
  3. Low Logistics Cost: Whether its loading & unloading, lifting or material handling, cost of any logistic is lower as compared to the entire market.
  4. Easy To Handle Show Site Challenges: Any last minute hassle is easily taken care of while preventing mishap on the show site. 
Top 3 Evolutions That Trade Show Industry Has Witnessed Recently

Top 3 Evolutions That Trade Show Industry Has Witnessed Recently

2021 is the year of experimentation and rebuilding- the year of transition and evolutions! Barring the uncertain business situation and starting over to shape the future of trade show industry is what lies next to us. Proven to be more successful than ever- embracing evolution is the new format of the trade show booth design and trade show booth builder industry in 2021. A report submitted by UFI, the global association of trade show industry, stated that trade shows will once mark the success than all-time after going off for once. To this, UFI polled 457 different companies from 64 countries while claiming that the end results of their poll are the gold for trade show industry.

Here are few facts that will re-establish your faith in trade shows, stated by UFI:

  1. Revenues will be double in 2021 in comparison to last two years
  2. 57 per cent of North Americans voted for in-person trade shows over virtual events
  3. 64 per cent of the respondents said the loss that occurred last year has reinforced the importance of face-to-face trade shows

2021 Comes With Great Evolutions: Recent Evolutions Witnessed By Trade Show Industry

Hybrid Trade Show Booths Are The Next Best Option

Hybrid trade show booths are a combination of modular and custom rental exhibits. In line to make its place in the trade show industry- these booths are the real-life examples of successful trade shows. Having said that, hybrid booths are the emerging trade show format showcasing evolution in the industry. Additional accessible features and customized content are two distinctive characteristics of hybrid trade show exhibits. Its ability to host an interactive booth in global trade shows is highly captivating. Hence, hybrid trade show booths are the next best option for the exhibitors looking to increase profits in coming years.

Flexible Ticketing For Hassle-Free Entry In Trade Shows

Events transitioning from live to virtual, virtual to hybrid, and again to live has left the trade show industry with unrealized evolution- evolution of flexible ticketing. Show organizers introducing flexible ticketing for trade shows to accommodate exhibitors and visitors while challenging the uncertain scenarios, was needed to evolve! Well another yet significant benefit of offering flexible ticketing at trade show is retaining delegates (since its designed in such a way that can be utilized in any given circumstances such as show postpone, reschedule or virtual/hybrid shift while eliminating the need of refund). Moreover, flexible ticketing will enable customers to select in-between live or virtual trade show completely based on their location and preference. Indeed, the flexible ticketing option initiated via show organizers plays a crucial role in retaining attendees, offering peace of mind to the delegates and allowing trade show industry to operate fluidly despite of uncertainty.

Digital Disruption Made Exhibitors’ Life Easier

Technology born from digital disruption offers competitive advantages to the exhibitors while letting them ripe customer engagement successfully. One of the crucial advantages of technology for trade shows is the ability to generate personalized experience for the visitors. Speaking of next level digital disruption seen on show floor is virtual reality and AI create a unique and personalized kind of interactions with the trade show attendees. Do you remember when exhibitors used to hand out their brochures to the visitors to advertise their product (s) and service (s). Well, virtual reality and artificial intelligence now allows your audience to experience and feel a product in real with the help of digital disruption while making their each dollar count worthwhile at your trade show booth. Through digital disruptions like virtual reality and artificial intelligence, exhibitors can now take their booth’s presentation at global level.  

8 Rental Exhibits Frequently Asked Questions Explained To Mitigate Your Booth Search

8 Rental Exhibits Frequently Asked Questions Explained To Mitigate Your Booth Search

Trade show rental exhibits comes with a great degree of flexibility since it enables exhibitors to add, remove and re-configure the elements as per their business objectives. This flexibility gives the unique characteristic to the exhibit rentals while allowing the companies to exhibit on show floor without bearing the full investment or ownership. Other than that, renting a trade show booth facilitates exhibitors to try hands over diversified branding and marketing concepts. Trying multiple rental exhibits also allow you in evaluating the success and results of your participation. Another foremost advantage of trade show booth rental is range of selections!

Renting a booth makes it easier for you to reap out the benefits via showcasing your brand and product in show-stopping like rental exhibit without owning it. Well, it all comes true to reality only when you choose the right kind of trade show exhibit rental. Here, we suggest you to keep all your exhibiting needs in mind while finding the best search. We present you 8 rental exhibits frequently asked questions explained to mitigate your booth search and dilemma associated with it!

Rental Exhibits Frequently Asked Questions Explained To Mitigate Your Booth Search

How Can I Rent A Trade Show Booth From Sensations Exhibits?

Find your best trade show booth rental match with Sensations Exhibits via benefiting our functionality called “Exhibit Search”! You will find the Exhibit Search Tab on the right top most corner. Simply click on the tab and it will redirect you to the new page showcasing you the rental exhibit search functionality. Choose exhibiting city, select trade show booth size and submit the same. Now you have options to find the best booth rental match for your upcoming trade show! You can also refer to the video given on the same page for step by step usage of exhibit search. 

Can I Install Fresh Graphics In Rental Exhibits?

We hear you out! Every trade show comes with different objectives- that can be fulfilled with the help of various techniques. Graphic representation is one of those techniques. Therefore, if you have the requirement of brand new graphics to be installed/ re-configured in your rental exhibit then we will do the same for you. Simply convey your fresh graphic requirement to our trade show expert and we will fulfill the same in assistance with our in-house creative graphic designing and printing team.

Is There Additional Costing For Additional Exhibit Essentials?

We believe in offering the exactness to our clients. In fact, we work in a manner where all the exhibiting requirements of our clients are addressed. Speaking of additional exhibit essentials, yes it comes with additional cost. Additional exhibit essential are the exhibiting elements that are demanded above the exhibit rental (exclusive from trade show booth rental you select).   

Can I Demand For Modification In Selected Exhibit Rental?

After finalizing your rental exhibit, you can ask for modifications as per your need. However, kindly note, you can only make cosmetic changes (like flooring color, AV, size of TV, graphics, and brochure stands) in your booth rental and not the structural changes (like pillars and ceiling). Several modifications are the carrier of additional costing that you can discuss with assigned project manager at the given time.

Who Will Be Responsible For Shipping, Installation, And Dismantling?

Sensations Worldwide is a turnkey trade show booth rental company, where we look after end-to-end exhibiting services. Therefore, you do not have to worry about shipping, installation and dismantling of the booth. Our support team is available to handle the shipment of rented booth, its installation and dismantling.

Can I Preview My Trade Show Booth Rental Before The Show?

Seeing your exhibit before its shipment to the show site is always exciting. In fact, previewing a trade show booth rental before the show also minimizes the chances of last minute surprises. Therefore, we always take the approval of our clients before shipping the booth on show site. It can be via photographs, video call or in-person- depending upon the client’s feasibility!

What If I Need Additional Furniture, Literature Stand, Monitor, And AV?

Sure, you can place request for additional furniture, literature stand, monitor and AV to upgrade your rental exhibits. Kindly note, any additional exhibit essential has the additional cost effect on the final bill. Therefore, when you request for such extra exhibiting elements, you are accountable to pay the cost above the rented booth. These additional requirements can be discussed with the project manager during brief sharing.

Can I Keep The Rented Trade Show Exhibit Until The Next Show?

Yes, you can keep the rented trade show exhibit until the next show as we manage multiple clients who have annul show calendar and wants to use the same exhibit with multiple configurations. So we can work on the storage agreement and store your trade show booth rental until the next show. In fact, this is the most prominent advantage of renting an exhibit where you can also save the cost.  

Is Social Media The Part Of Your Trade Show Exhibit Strategy?

Is Social Media The Part Of Your Trade Show Exhibit Strategy?

The ratio of businesses using social media for trade show marketing has increased like never before! From thirty per cent social media marketing witnessed in 2010 to sixty per cent surge witnessed in 2018 shows the significance of social media in business growth. Therefore, having a solidified social media strategy in-lined with your trade show exhibit is a crucial marketing aspect to help you accelerate your audience reach. Social media being the major part of the trade show exhibit strategy requires exposure and knowledge of social media handling. Kindly note, channelizing social media in your trade show exhibit strategy can only benefit you when execute the right way!

Tweeting live trade show updates from the show floor, posting exhibit information or sharing live exhibit pictures can help attract quality and qualified protects. In fact, there’s a study conducted that showed the response of trade show exhibit marketers on the usage of social media:

  • Surge in sales
  • Increased press coverage
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Enhanced connection with prospects and clients
  • Maximum booth traffic and trade show exhibit visitors

3 Proven Social Media Tactics To Generate Buzz For Your Upcoming Trade Show Exhibit

Generate Curiosity Crunch With Timer/Countdown

Main purpose to do countdown is to generate a sense of curiosity and urgency. Typically, countdown gives the feeling of “running out of time” that results in creating hassle and spontaneous decision. To be more specified, a timer’s job is the most simplified yet crucial one- which is to create a sense of urgency, that is significant because it is related to psychology principle called “fear of missing out” or “scarcity”. Indeed a great starting point for marketers to attract buyers!

Go Live From Your Trade Show Exhibit

Live video reigning supremacy all across the social media platforms. In the year 2018, Facebook claimed that live video attracts six times interaction. Therefore, going live feature from your trade shoe exhibit is an excellent way to attract increased footfall in your booth and to create buss about new product release. However, make sure that all your equipment is functional and your team is well-rehearsed and ready to go live. Here’s a rule of thumb before going live on social media, ensure to notify your followers at least 15 minutes prior going live. Once you will be live, the respective social media platform will notify itself to your audience. To the minimum, stream live for at least for 20 minutes and also remember to restrict maximum time. There’s nothing worse than getting to the grand finale and having your stream cut off. This will help you rope your audience into the stream and stay live with you till last! Therefore, be crisp, sweet, and to the point.

Pro Tip: Trick is to compel your audience to stick around as long as you are live. You can generate web traffic by pinning relatable content in the comment section or by including in the post, copy when you will publish it on the social media.

Create Videos With Inside Sneak Peak Of Your Exhibit

Snackable Video is the new viral game! Creating snackable (short and interesting) videos is the chief component to add in your trade show exhibit social media strategy. A study suggests that eighty percent of viewers are able to recall a video. In fact, seventy percent of trade show marketing professionals witness higher conversion rates via video as compared to other mediums. Moreover, marketers who integrate crisp and compelling videos into their social media strategy help them increase revenue by forty nine per cent faster. However, the point to be noted here is; these statistics aren’t the sole results, videos- rather that include end to end marketing! But producing a professional video adds weightage to your conversion rate. Remember, the type of video you create should complement your trade show exhibit strategy and business objectives.

Pro Tips: Stay mindful to the video length restrictions on various social media platforms- Video should be at least fifteen seconds to maximum two minutes long.

NHS 2021 Las vegas Blog

National Hardware Show 2021 Is The Next Business Stop To Connect & Grow

Coming months are going to be enthralling for the global hardware industry since National Hardware Show has finalized its comeback on 21st October 2021! Interestingly, return of NHS Las Vegas 2021 is the 75th edition remarking the successful years of the show in past. After all, those successive years, let’s welcome National Hardware Show 2021 in Las Vegas. This year’s edition comes along with an increased opportunity to connect and grow under the new initiative called “NHS Connects”. Read more to know extensively about it if you are seeking to exhibit this year in the show.

Connect To Grow At National Hardware Show 2021

Introducing an initiative called NHS Connects, the show organizers plan to create a year-round online platform specifically designed for the hardware & home enhancement industry. With new initiate you will be able to learn about the newest products and vendors, stay updated with the industry’s latest educational content and connect with new suppliers. Most importantly, you will have an access to over 36,000 unique contacts that will include independent retailers, wholesalers, mass/big box retailers, distributors, import export specialists, co-ops, and other online retailers.  All in all, NHS Las Vegas Connect is the newly launched digital platform for the hardware industry, allowing the companies to source new products, build new business relationships and learn about the latest industry innovation and information. Best of all – it’s accessible all year long! You can utilize this platform 365 days a year so that you never miss an opportunity to connect and grow! Here are the advantages of NHS Connects. Have a look:

Reach the right buyers

  • Out-of-network sales/buyer messaging
  • Initiate & accept requests from the buyers
  • Access to contact information and lead insights
  • Connect with your ideal buyers (perfect sales match)

Lead management

  • Able to see who liked your posts
  • Profile & online showroom traffic reporting
  • Lead details & interaction management tool
  • Able to see who viewed your showroom and page

Promote your company

  • Access to social feed
  • Your company’s profile URL
  • Devoted customer success manager
  • Brand & products promotion on social media
  • Feature the products in marketplace product highlights newsletter


  • Real time lead insight, and tracking
  • Online showroom & your profile traffic summary

Feature your products

  • 24*7*365 digital showroom
  • Invite customers to the online showroom via private link
  • Upload products, your new collections, look books

Promotional Activities Can You Do On NHS Connects

  • Display the products 365 days: Introduce new product (s), explore latest products and brands, stay informed about the latest industry’s innovations and trends
  • Custom product specs: Add more product specs to expand your product offerings
  • Added media: Link all your company’s website, personal videos and other online materials to boost your business and drive more engagement
  • Upload products and new collections: Since customers can explore all of your products and entire collection, you must and upload new products and also manage your content and other online promotional materials
  • Customized company URL: Get your own company’s customized URL
  • Invite customers via customized business link: Create a custom business invitation link to invite your new customers.
  • Access to social media feed: Be a part of the NHS Las Vegas Connects community right within the platform that serves as a curated social feed.
How To Find The Right Trade Show Storage For Your Display Booth

How To Find The Right Trade Show Storage For Your Display Booth

There are numerous benefits of getting a professional trade show storage house, but how do you find the one that best fit the requirements of your exhibit?

Here are a few tips from the industry experts to help you out to choose the best suited professional warehouse for your exhibit stand:

  • Visit the Storage Facility Personally (if possible)

Before handing over your expensive displays to any storing facility, go there in person to make sure of everything. A highly regarded storehouse facility will never have any issue in giving you a tour around if you make a prior arrangement. Images put on by the facility itself on their website may or may not give you the whole information. Clear all your doubts, ask them under which temperature will they keep your exhibits, graphics, and fabrics. Also, inquire about their practice and protocols in case of any emergency.

  • Choose a Professional Storage Facility Big Enough for Your Display

If your display booth has a hanging sign or is multiple stories high, ensure in advance that the facility has enough space to accommodate a fully assembled trade show booth of that size so that you are sure whether or not if it requires any amends by looking at it in its full form before the event.

  •  Available for Emergency Contact

Look for an exhibition display storage facility that can be contacted at any time and offers full shipment, tracking, and drayage. This way it will become convenient for you to make any last-minute alterations if required.

  • State-of-the-Art Inventory Tracking

You can’t always be physically present and check the facility yourself. Selected trade show exhibit storehouses offer 24*7 inventory tracking facility that effortlessly lets you keep a check of your inventory. You can keep a check on where and in which state your exhibit displays are being kept. It will also be well-suited for you to keep track of your exhibit booth while it’s being moved without being physically present at the storage house.


While you may think using your own or some mediocre storage facility to be a cost-effective solution, it, in fact, can shorten the lifespan of your display booth. On the other hand, a professional trade show storage booth facility is designed in a way so that it can safeguard your investment and increase the shelf life of your booth for you to get the most out of it. Never forget to check online reviews, customer stories and case studies of the storage company which you are considering to trust with your valuable exhibit stands. A trustworthy and reputable storage house would have great reviews from satisfied customers.

4 Ways To Attract Your Trade Show Booth Attendees

4 Ways To Attract Your Trade Show Booth Attendees

In order to run a business entity you need to stay a little future oriented. And for that all you need is to maintain a pace with accelerating growth by pitching your business/ brand in world class trade shows around the globe. Therefore, opting to choose the best trade show booth rental company will give your business an edge over others.

Captivative trade show booth rental require an immense knowledge for designing the exclusive graphics to attract your trade show booth attendees. Apart from booth and graphic designs, space management & décor, groomed up staff at your stall also plays a significant role in attracting trade show visitors. Here are the 5 ways listed to achieve the same. Have a look!

A Guide To Engross Your Booth Visitors

  • Go For Giftings: When a visitor steps in your stall, convince them to buy your product. After the negotiations, during the closure of your deal offer them hamper gifts or purchase coupons for your product and services.
  • Staff Power: Staff power is the greatest power as they help your business reach right audiences and get them engaged. It’s the right element for your business in order to break the ice in between brand and its customer in an appropriate manner. They give right answers to each query and make customer understand about your product and services.
  • Product Launch: Plan to launch your new products and services in the trade show itself so that you are able to reach diverse clients around the world.Doing so will prove the sustainability of product & service launched amongst the real audience.It is an excellent way to grasp the visitor’s attention by simply showing its demo.
  • Give Aways: Try and engage your booth attendees by playing games and the winner should use hashtags of your product and company on social media.Arrange give aways of your product hamper so that it assists in enhancing the reach of your company on global scale. Engaging the booth visitors in such activities is proved as the most prominent way to gather attendees in your trade show booth.

Therefore, it is extremely crucial to abide by the listed ways to attract your trade shows booth attendees.