6 tips For Successful Trade Show Exhibits

Representing your brand at a trade show is a big investment, but it is also an opportunity to acquire more visibility, build professional connections, and promote your brand. Trade show booth exhibits offer an opportunity to comprehend current business trends better and create a presence in your industry. Setting up and running a trade show exhibit is a difficult endeavour, but when it’s done right the results are worth it.

Here are some tips that can help you in making your trade show exhibit a big success

Following are 6 tips to help you make a successful trade show booth exhibit:

Set clear marketing goals- The first thing you must do if you have decided to exhibit in a trade show is to plan your marketing goals. Analyze your objectives for the trade show and develop targets accordingly. Your trade show booth preparation will go more smoothly if you have defined objectives and goals. This will help you with scheduling, budgeting, and defining your trade show booth ideas.

Choose the right staff- When it comes building your trade show booth, it is very essential to hire the right people. The passionate and knowledgeable team will liven up your area and draw more potential clients to your booth. Therefore, to enhance your brand’s identity and for high-quality booth building, hire a team of well-trained and professional employees.

Promote your presence- It is important to promote your trade show booth a few weeks before the event. Schedule your posts in advance to stay on top of your usual social media activity, and utilize Facebook and LinkedIn to network with other participants you meet throughout the day. Thus, social media is an efficient tool to promote your brand presence virtually.

Be Strategic and forward-thinking- Trade show planning needs lots of time and proper strategy to execute. Start preparing for your trade show booth, 12 months before the scheduled show.  Make a schedule including important dates and project due dates. A strategic planning will help you prepare more efficiently.

Plan Budget-Budget plays a vital role in success of any trade show Booth exhibits. Determining your Trade Show Booth Budget is the most crucial step for the successful trade show exhibits. The cost of trade shows booths vary depending on your size preferences, materials, and space constraints. Prepare a budget to save your time and money in the long run.

Capture leads and follow ups – One of the most crucial aspects for a successful trade show booth building is following up on leads after the show has ended. The sooner you follow up with your leads, the greater your chances of converting them into sales. Keep in touch with your prospects and follow up with emails within a week.


Thus, to ensure your trade show booth exhibit is a success, take a look at the following tips.  No matter how you design your booth or adorn it with personalized banners, flags, stickers, signs, canopies, etc. You should always focus on developing a distinct brand identity for your company during a trade show considering that it will reward you in the long term.

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SEMA show, CES, and Pack Expo – Leading Trade Shows To Attend In US

Every year, US host hundreds of conferences and trade shows, making it the most popular trade show destination in the world. Trade shows industry in the US is one of the most captivating and lucrative markets in the world. Since millions of people travel there every year for various trade shows, US has become the ideal destination for combining business and pleasure. Get to know about three leading trade shows that you can attend in US.

As the most popular trade show destination in the world, it is easy to find a suitable trade show booth rental in US. So, if you are planning to attend a trade show in US, here is a list of the top three shows in US that you must attend in 2022-23 to enhance the visibility of your brand.

These are the top three trade exhibitions in the United States for 2022, so keep an eye out for them.

When – 1 November – 4 November 2022

Where- Las Vegas, US

SEMA trade show Las Vegas USA is the leading trade show for automotive equipment, connecting equipment manufacturers with automotive manufacturers. SEMA Show Las Vegas 2022 plays a crucial role in boosting the automobile industry by offering tremendous opportunity for  exhibitors to interact, build networks, display their new innovations on an international platform , while meeting  potential clients and explore business opportunities in international markets.  

When – 5 January – 8 January2023

Where- Las Vegas, US

CES Las Vegas 2023 is an invitation for tech enthusiasts to exhibit and display their latest technological breakthroughs in tech area. Visitors at CES Las Vegas 2023 can expect to see the next wave of innovation. With over 170000 guests and 4500 exhibitors from all over the world, CES trade show Las Vegas USA is one event that every tech fan ‘Must’ attend.

When – 23 – 26October2023

Where- Chicago , US

Every two years, Pack Expo Chicago trade show brings together the entire packaged goods and life sciences industries for the most productive week of the year. Pack Expo International Chicago is a best stage for suppliers to showcase their latest innovations and discover game-changing solutions to packaging and processing challenges. Pack Expo International Chicago features over 40 vertical industries. Buyers and people who can influence purchases make up the vast majority of attendees.

Choosing Sensations Exhibits for enhanced participation in trade shows in US

Trade show booth rentals are essential for participating in any trade show and enhancing the brand’s image. Sensations Exhibits provides unique and creative trade show rentals to enhance your participation in the leading trade shows in US. Our premium quality trade show booths assist you in attracting maximum foot traffic and influencing the ideal audience. Sensations Exhibits is a leading trade show booth rental display company, so we guarantee the highest quality services. Our in-house team production and graphic printing takes care of clients’ needs and brings in unique themes and visual concepts based on their specifications. We also provide a hassle-free booth building process, from supervising booth construction to booth dismantling.

If you are looking for a dependable and experienced trade show booth rental exhibit displays in US, contact Sensations Exhibit and get the best assistance at affordable rates.

How is SEMA Show Las Vegas a boon for Automobile Industry?

How is SEMA Show Las Vegas a boon for Automobile Industry?

Speed Equipment Manufacturing Association (SEMA) show takes place every year in Las Vegas, uniting global automobile industry at one common platform. SEMA show is an outstanding opportunity for the automobile professionals to display their products featuring every segment of the automobile industry. Being a leading trade show, SEMA Las Vegas is an excellent prospect for newcomers to gain exposure and explore the automobile industry at global level. SEMA show plays a vital role in boosting automobile industry, while helping exhibitors to interact, build networks, display their new innovations at international platform, meet potential clients and explore business opportunities in the international markets. SEMA show attracts more than 2400 exhibitors to connect and showcase hot-rods, off-roads, mobile electronics and collision repair innovations and solutions in global market.

SEMA SHOW 2022 – Benefits for exhibitors

SEMA show offers massive opportunities to exhibitors to learn and grow. SEMA show Las Vegas is an excellent chance to learn about new products and getting a holistic overview of the industry. SEMA show assures several unique benefits to the exhibitors.

  • SEMA show’s outstanding educational program serves opportunities to develop new business ideas through workshops and live drifting product ‘demonstrations to new prospects.
  • SEMA show gives exhibitors more opportunities to make new connections and build relations with the distributors and retailers outside of the exhibition halls at industry award functions, conferences, banquets, and industry receptions.
  • SEMA show is an ideal stage for the exhibitors to capture huge ROI for their businesses.
  • SEMA show aims to empower small businesses to grow and succeed.

Choosing Sensations Exhibits for enhanced participation in SEMA

For participating in SEMA show, trade show booth rentals play a crucial role in uplifting the brand’s image. Sensations Exhibits offers creative and exclusively designed trade show both rentals to enhance your participation in SEMA show. Our premium quality trade show booths help you to attract maximum footfall at your booth and highly influence the ideal audience. Sensations Exhibits is a leading company for building trade show booths, thus we ensure you best quality services. Our in-house team production and graphic printing takes care of clients’ need and bring in the unique themes and visual concepts according to clients’ requirements. We also offer hassle-free booth building process from supervising the construction of booth to dismantling of booth.  In case, if you are looking for a reliable and experienced trade show booth rental exhibit displays in SEMA show Las Vegas, then connect with Sensations Exhibit and get the best assistance at affordable rates.

Trade Show Booth Trends That Can Amp-Up Your Participation In Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas 2022

Trade Show Booth Trends That Can Amp-Up Your Participation In Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas 2022

When beauty experts tend to talk about beauty and skin care products, the conversation lands default to product ingredients, processing technology, efficacy, and cost. How ingredients of the products are delivered and why the product matters? To swoop deeper into consumer’s mind-set and display latest innovation, Cosmoprof North America (quoted as CPNA) is held every year- the leading B2B trade show in the Americas. Highly recognized for its unique programs and dynamic growth, Cosmoprof North America offers interactive sessions, business opportunity, networking gatherings to make new professional relationships, and foster existing collaboration. The trade show indeed is an influential stage that offers continuous support to its exhibitors so get ready to exhibit in Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas 2022.

Three day event- Cosmoprof Las Vegas will be playing a crucial role in discovering unique product launches, packaging, new channels for distribution, and to form business relationships with top industry experts. Being one roof for the beauty and skin care industry, Cosmoprof North America 2022 taking place in Las Vegas will be encompassing all sectors of the beauty industry availing international space to the global exhibitors! Therefore, amp-up your participation in Cosmoprof 2022 Las Vegas with exclusive trade show booth rental and customised trends as per your exhibiting requirements. 

Amp-Up Your Participation In Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas 2022 With These Trade Show Booth Trends

80 per cent of exhibitors choose to rent a trade show exhibit in Las Vegas instead of purchasing one since it appears to be the smart choice in terms of cost, time, efficiency, and most importantly due to the factor, “sustainability”! We understand that exhibiting in Cosmoprof North America can be challenging because it is the prominent event of cosmetic industry and you aim to leave a long-lasting impression on the minds of the visitors. Hence, we present you this blog with exclusive trade show booth rentals for Cosmoprof 2022 in Las Vegas- designed and built to set-up a welcoming and intriguing environment. Kindly note, offered trade show exhibits are customizable, giving your marketing and branding strategy a boost no time!  

  • RM54040: With a focus to let you host a smooth participation at Cosmoprof 2022 North America, 40×40 modular trade show exhibit model number “RM54040” gives free space to walk while managing increased booth traffic with 4 sides open. Plus point in this booth rental design is- you get 5 counters and 1 showcase stand to display your products with enough sitting area for meetings and presentations.
  • RM372030: 3 side open 20×30 exhibit rental is the best fit for Cosmoprof Las Vegas with a wide back wall apt graphic presentation and branding (additional 2 graphic walls at each side) complemented with light holders. To showcase the products, this trade show booth rental comes with 4 counters secured with glass cover is the best fit to display your products. Lastly, sitting area in centre of the booth and digital graphic space at the back side of booth is a win-win element.
  • RM201030: No space for product display to compromise over, this 10×30 trade show exhibit rental design is the right match for the exhibitors looking for extra product space! Show case wall at the back wall, a separate display cabinet place at the corner for the booth along with 2 display counter in front allows you to exhibit a wide range of products without any compromise at Cosmoprof North America. A storage room with elongated graphic space is the plus point!
  • RM322030: This diagonally designed 20×30 modular trade show exhibit rental is the best and highly suggested one amongst all the options- reason being its “diagonal design”. It makes the booth more visible from various angles. With multiple views, this rental exhibit has numerous options of executing branding from the hanging of the booth to its corners. Apart from that, it has enough sitting space and product display counters to exhibit the products and run live demos at Cosmoprof 2022.

Kindly Note: All the modular trade show exhibit designs stocked in our inventory are customizable as per your exhibiting, marketing and branding requirements. Hence, you can request for customization while submitting your brief with us. Check out our “Exhibit Search” to explore more such trade show exhibit rental designs for your participation in Cosmoprof North America 2022! Else, connect with our trade show booth representative to seek assistance at the earliest.

Right Product Display & Lighting Can Be A Game Changer At JCK Las Vegas

Right Product Display & Lighting Can Be A Game Changer At JCK Las Vegas

“Jewelry”, the first art form to enter archaeological record thousands of years back, is now the art celebrated every year at JCK Las Vegas. America’s most elite jewelry gathering- a comprehensive stage opening gates to new business opportunities and to exhibit new collection on an international stage, JCK is the trade show welcoming jewelry makers! Apart from magnificent designs and latest trends being showcased in such a secured environment, the trade show is also the amalgamation of plethora of exclusive events keeping luxury, designer and international product the centre of attraction. Trade show like JCK Las Vegas is the jewelry industry’s supreme event driving 30,000 plus world’s highly known influencers and industry professionals. A home to all-encompassing expensive jewelry collection such as gems, timepieces and services marks JCK Las Vegas a premier business destination to explore fine jewelry market.

Now imagine JCK Las Vegas an event where product launch is the focal point with the gathering of more than 10,000 qualified buyers! Array of top designs, meaningful motifs are exhibited across the hall of 936,600 square feet. Indeed exhibiting in JCK is more about conveying your message, creating you brand identity and demonstrating your product the right way under the light that compliments it! Hence, exhibitors participating in JCK Las Vegas look for exceptional, delightful, and crafty trade show booth rentals in Las Vegas. 10,000 qualified buyers and 936,600 square feet of space require immediacy of attention alongside developing a brand experience with the right product display and lighting at JCK!  

Execution Of Right Product Display At JCK Las Vegas

Displaying your products (jewelry) at JCK Las Vegas starts with finding the unique yet appropriate props. Use props, stands, and organisers of different heights arranged in an assorted manner complementing the style and texture of the displayed jewelry without stealing each other’s spotlight. If you have number of jewelry to display at JCK trade show in Las Vegas then we suggest you to create distinctive vignettes in your trade show booth so that each line of jewelry is displayed separately. Other than that, if you deal in antique jewelry then displaying it in small old travel chests will enhance the product presentation. Speaking of costume jewelry centering the ’50s and ’60s statements can be displayed over jewelry mannequin stands at JCK Las Vegas with complementing styling while demonstrating the style and culture back then!

Execution Of Right Lighting At JCK Las Vegas

Put warm lights right above the displayed jewelry and mirrors adjacent to the jewelry stands when you exhibit in JCK trade show in Las Vegas. Reflection of light will uplift the product presentation ten times and mirror will give the full effect of the jewelry when tried on! Did you know that subtle and warn lighting plays a critical role in flattering people when they try the jewelry piece in front of the mirror. Therefore, light-up your products with artificial light at JCK Las Vegas- for that use LED light strips, portable lamps, and light boxes.

Quick Tips To Attract Your Dream Clients At JCK Las Vegas

Displaying jewelry at JCK Las Vegas is always a better way to get maximum visibility and to pull your target audience. Always remember that your displayed product must create a desirable atmosphere for your potential customers. Here are some quick tips to attract your dream clients at JCK trade show: 

  • Use a background color for jewelry display. Blue or Red Velvet backrougd are highly opted for the same. Using these two colors gives a better outlook to the product however, you can also use subtle colors and the combination of white and black depending upon the jewelry.
  • Ensure to display the products with a space to breath at JCK Las Vegas so that it doesn’t feel crowded and loose its essence. Therefore, keeping the different type of jewelries separate not only prevent the cluster but also preserve the charm and shine of it!
  • Identify which jewelry is to be displayed in front and which is to be displayed in other corners. No matter how great designs you have, if you display the least common jewelry in front it will take away your prospects. Hence, display the trending product in front.
  • Lastly, as mentioned above, lighting makes the jewelry presentation outstanding. Even the simplest product can get emphasize with vibrant lighting. So, get your trade show booth fitted with proper lighting at JCK trade show so that you can attract maximum audience.
Is Your Trade Show Booth “Decked-Up” With SUSTAINABLE SUBSTITUTES?

Is Your Trade Show Booth “Decked-Up” With SUSTAINABLE SUBSTITUTES?

Investment that goes in building a trade show booth is cosmic! Efforts to plan, money to go live on show floor (from shipment to dismantling) and material to “build” a booth is the RE-OCCURRING OVER ALL that an exhibitor bears to exhibit in various trade shows. No surprise that trade shows happening all around the world produces waste in high amount due to the material invested in building a booth. The worst? Waste generation on show floor remains unaddressed via trade show booth design companies! Impacting the environment, trade shows produce 600,000 tons of trash from the booth displays every year. As sustainability becomes the crucial call to curb the increasing trash, trade show exhibit companies must make conscious decisions via opting sustainable substitutes in order to reduce the waste and carbon footprint enabling exhibitors to conserve the environment. Hence, utilizing smart and digital practices can assist trade show booth design companies in preventing the trash while moving the industry towards a greener and sustainable experience.

Make A Difference With SUSTAINABLE SUBSTITUTES In Your Trade Show Exhibits

Trade show companies must take attention grabbing initiatives to make a sustainable shift. A recent study by the National Marketing Institute cited that an ideal client is 58 per cent more likely to make purchase from your trade show booth if the design is mindful and have less impact on the environment. Therefore, switching to sustainable substitutes in your upcoming trade show exhibit can make a big difference to the environment, marketing and to your overall participation as well. Though it’s impossible to completely eliminate all the waste, it is totally in your hands to reduce the amount of its generation by taking the note of following SUSTAINABLE SUBSTITUTES in your upcoming trade show booth design!

  • BE THE TECH SAVVY (Install LED walls replacing old school graphics): Graphics and printed hangings contribute highest in waste generation due to the printing and later disposal of the fabric. Where the world is inclined being tech savvy, why not replace old school graphics with LED walls and hangings! Techy and the minimal presentation of your message with sound and lighting effect- an ideal vocal presentation of your grand.

GO PAPERLESS (Add digital table-tops replacing literature stands): Convert your marketing materials into paperless form. Not just this reform your trade show exhibits but enables you to avoid in producing waste. Eliminate the necessity of literature stand by simply hanging up the digital table-tops  while enabling your prospects and trade show visitors to browse about you company. Table-tops and tablets are the appropriate alternatives to offer visitors with ease to browse what they want to know you.

  • RULE DIGITALLY (Opt digital brochures replacing leaflets & booklets): Marketing and branding materials do play the crucial role in communicating with your prospects at the trade show stand. The ultimate waste right? However, waste generated and the cost behind can be saved by going paperless. Rather than passing out brochures, flyers, and business cards you can place scanners directing your prospects/booth visitors to the digital brochures, e-book, e-business card and some informative landing page via using the phone. This will not only minimize the carbon footprint but will also ensure that your business card and information will land direct in their pocket.
Get Access To Limitless Learning & Business Doorways At NAB Show 2022

Get Access To Limitless Learning & Business Doorways At NAB Show 2022

NAB Show is the titleholder of media convention industry- the key content creator platform, uniting professionals and technological world to upscale the media and entertainment ecosystem. Major objective of the show is to empower the future of content sector and meet the demands of next-generation media technologies, and engaging storytelling. Like every year, NAB show 2022 in April will be welcoming content professionals from all around the entertainment, media, and technology ecosystem to generate engagement and growth to reach the greater heights. So, prepare yourself to explore the uncommon audio and visual experiences at the greatest fest of media and entertainment industry.

Discover The Possibilities To Limitless Learning At NAB Show 2022

Attracting everyone from today’s community of media, NAB show welcomes exhibitors who work in film & broadcasting, radio & podcasting, advertising, social media, gaming, cyber security, and e-Sports. Whether you are in the sector of creation to distribution, management or monetization- you will be benefited with the opportunity to access limitless learning. In fact, upcoming edition of the NAB Show 2022 in Las Vegas will feature the customized educational sessions making it an ultimate place to enhance the individual skills and learn from the real life peers. Hence, April heading this year, booked for NAB Show will fuel the content creation economy with innovative novelties while covering the wide spectrum of media, news, entertainment, and broadcasting.

Considering NAB is an international hub for all types of media and entertainment experiences, the show brews best concept- where buyers can explore about industry solutions in 5G, AI, IP transition, ATSC 3.0, 8K, cloud storage, UHD and HDR, and the latest technological advancements and trends fuelling the content industry. You will be surprised to know that NAB show 2022 hosted by the largest media and entertainment, boasts more than 33% of the collective industry. That is the reason why NAB is the premier media show where industry visionaries meet and future-proof the presented ideas.

Unravel The Possibilities To Business Doorways At NAB 2022

NAB Show in Las Vegas is a superlative source of business opportunities for content professionals from all the relative areas of media, entertainment and technology. The upcoming edition of annual NAB will take place on 23rd to 27 April 2022 while offering each and every registered visitor with a free subscription to NAB Amplify- a streaming platform connecting the visitors with exhibitors, and parters’ content.

Each year NAB Show sets the record to welcome 1,600 plus exhibitors and 65,000 visitors. Speaking of which, this five days event- NAB Las Vegas 2022 will offer cutting-edge business ideas and promising partnership opportunities to the exhibitors. Such are the greatest opportunities to improve and drive their business engagement rates. For nearly a century this is the platform has been fostering the media industry to elevate the business of storytelling. Indeed, it is an essential destination for next-gen technology and inspiration- a powerful convention woven into the DNA of the media industry drawing 90,000 plus media and entertainment specialists every year.Lastly, NAB Show Las Vegas in 2022 will be dedicated to deliver meaningful connections all year and across the world (in person and online via NAB Amplify) – intensifying exhibitors’ reach to new clientele and markets.  


What Makes Las Vegas The Centre Of Attraction In Trade Show Industry?

Capital of trade show industry, Las Vegas hosts nearly 24,000 (more or less) meetings and conventions annually. And why wouldn’t it be so? The city of trade shows (Las Vegas)- business dream land for the exhibitors willing to market their new products and innovations at an international level has 12 million square feet of event space plus three million square feet booked to be completed in another 2 years! As a matter of fact, trade shows happening in Las Vegas are amplified because the city stands at number 3 out of 10 largest cities in terms of convention centers and event space. Hence, we highly suggest you to make a right choice while finalizing a trade show booth rental in Las Vegas.

Your trade show partner in Vegas must be the one who knows how to cut the obnoxious process and build a hassle-free starting right from paper work to show wrap-up. Speaking of our self, Sensations Exhibits acquire 20 years of trade show industry experience and an independent warehouse in Las Vegas with a knowledge of local exhibiting rules and regulations- all that an exhibitor require to hire a trade show design company in Las Vegas for modular rental and purchase. Now that you know whom to approach for exhibit booth rental, following are the top most trade shows happening in 2022.

Trade Show Booth You Must Rent For The Following Events In Las Vegas

Exhibiting in a rich city like Las Vegas can give a kick to your business in a drastic way! Here are some top-most shows you must participate in if falls in your industry. Also, as suggested above, consult a company that has to offer exclusive exhibit design inventory and compelling modular trade show displays in Las Vegas! Have a look to trade shows:

  • HIMSS: Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society also known as (HIMSS Show) is a global advisor encouraging and supporting the entire health system in the transformation of technology and information. Being a mission-driven, HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition provides its exhibitors a unique experience in the field of health innovation, public policy, workforce development, research and analytics.
  • RSNA: The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) is an annual meeting and can also be addressed as the technical exhibition- an ideal setting to explore the latest innovation in medical industry. Inclusively, RSNA is a non-profit organization with over 52,000 members from 153 different countries from around the world. Exhibitors in this trade show are surrounded with ample opportunities and can also discover the newest innovations in equipment and software. Industry leaders, decision makers and, influencers from all around the world participate in RSNA to represent every subspecialty in radiology.
  • Pack Expo: The Association of packaging & processing technology has created the platform that represents above 900 North American producers and dealers of components, equipment, and materials including services to packaging & processing industry. Pack Expo Las Vegas is a trade show in which around 2,500 exhibitors and 45,000 packaging professionals mark their presence. Apart from that, several free educational presentations sessions are also held to aware attendees about the latest packaging industry technologies.
  • AHR Expo: AHR Expo is recognised as the most influential air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration exposition and counted amongst the world’s largest HVAC&R industry’s trade shows- displaying numerous new technology products. This show brings manufacturers and suppliers of the HVAC&R sector together dealing in equipment, products and services. To be precise, AHR Expo offers a unique medium in Las Vegas where manufacturers from various size of companies and specialties gathers together in order to share new ideas and display the futuristic HVACR technology.
  • JCK Las Vegas: JCK Las Vegas is amongst the most significant trade shows representing jewellery industry in the United States. Visitors who visit this show can explore an extensive collection of jewellery. Other than that, they also have the opportunity to be part of a one of the largest communities of suppliers, retailers, and insiders of the jewellery industry. At JCK Show, there aren’t just the fine jewellery, but also CAD tools, diamond testers, and safety technology for jewellery businesses.
  • ISC West 2022: ISC West is the world’s largest trade show for converged security industry and it is a high valued platform that unites the whole security channel under one roof. The show displays the emerging technology, products, services including access control, disaster recovery, video surveillance, IT security products, wireless security products, network security products, and thousands of more safety services via offering visitors the defences to protect against security risks and right tools.
  • Intersolar North America: Intersolar North America is proclaimed as the prime trade show focusing on solar industry. The event offers comprehensive and exclusive insights about the American and international solar sector. Significantly the trade show emphases on solar thermal technology, photovoltaics, and solar architecture. Other than that, Intersolar also include PV cell, manufacturing system suppliers, components and mounting systems suppliers, module and inverter manufacturers, service companies as well as manufacturers of solar thermal applications, heating and cooling.
  • Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas: Cosmoprof North America is the leading trade show representing beauty and cosmetic industry. CPNA is recognized for its vigorous growth and unique programs held each year. The event offers a huge opportunity to the entire beauty and cosmetic industry to come forth, make new business relations and, foster additional alliances. Cosmoprof works as the premier platform to launch new beauty brands, introduce product innovations, revolutionary technologies including new channels for distribution, manufacturing and, packaging.
  • Offshore Technology Conference (OTC): Offshore Technology Conference is the world’s foremost event held at Reliant Center in Houston for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, production, exploration, and environmental protection. Energy industry’s professionals and experts gather to learn about the industry’s latest technology to find & produce offshore oil and natural gas resources. OTC Trade Show has grown into a well-established and esteemed event for industry engineers, executives, managers, and scientists. This technical show provides special sessions on important industry topics, such as the challenges faced by the industry in meeting increasing demand for energy and the future of petroleum.
  • National Association of Broadcasters (NAB Show): NAB Show in Las Vegas is the prominent and must-attend event offering one roof to all the media and entertainment professionals in order to keep up with the advancing pace of the content market. It is the trade show where you can discover the newest technologies and connect with the leading personalities in media and entertainment sector. Moreover, NAB Show welcomes the diverse professionals from the media community including professionals working in radio and podcasting, film and broadcasting, advertising, cyber security, social media, gaming and eSports.
Have You Been Following-Up With People Who Visits Your Trade Show Booth?

Have You Been Following-Up With People Who Visits Your Trade Show Booth?

People who visit your booth…EXPECT you to follow up!

Exhibiting in an event serves the huge per cent to get new clients on board that helps you keep your business growing and going! If you’ve made a profound research and have chosen the right trade show to participate in, you’ll be booked with plenty of potential clients. However, it requires a strategic follow-up with the people who visit your stand. Believe it or not but your trade show booth visitors EXPECT you to follow-up! Exhibiting in an event is an investment that can help you reap cosmic rewards. Hence, in order to optimize the return on your trade show booth, you are highly suggested to follow-up with the people who visit your stand.

Leads that you generate in an event must be followed up post the show since you have invested big time in your trade show booth rental to get new prospects. In fact, most leads have the ability to close depending upon how quickly you follow up. Framing a follow up strategy, scoring leads, and building a process can aid you significantly in increased positive response from the leads leading towards the frequent closures! As a matter of fact, companies that follow-up with the leads/prospects within 24 hour after the show, have 7 times increased probability to get a response and close it. In other words, you will miss a potential client who visited your trade show booth if you don’t follow-up at the earliest!

How To Frame Your Follow-Up Strategy For The People Who Visit Your Trade Show Booth?

Following-up with the leads you generate in a trade show booth is crucial since these leads can be completely in your control if you follow up quickly and strategically. Promptness of following-up can be attained once your frame the strategy and prioritise via segmenting leads on urgency “The Hot Leads”. Following pointers will help you organize a timelines and feasible process to execute!

  • Develop A Timeline: Try initiating the first follow-up within 24-48 hours post the show. Especially, hot leads need a follow up one to two days after the event in order to prevent your competitors from chasing the deal. Considering relationship would have been established at your trade show booth hence, it gives a good basis to recognize a hot lead. If you contact the potential customers soon after receiving a query they ate nearly 7x more likely to become your client. Speaking of which, 60 per cent of companies take over 24 hours or longer to follow-up. So consider it an advantage and grab the deal at the earliest.

  • Follow-Up Process: Start the follow-up process with a thank you mail (little personalised- pointing the prospects pain point and offering solution right after it; also known as (your Unique Selling Point). While framing a follow-up process you have to sure, what medium will be open to connect (email, google form or phone call). Apart from that, you may have to customize the content of email or script for the calling depending upon your leads requirements (they mentioned on the day of trade show or later on). Other than that, consider chancing follow-up mediums. For example, if you haven’t received nay revert over the mail then switch to call before the lead gets lost or sold to other company!

  • Create Urgency: Follow-up can be double the effective if you create the sense of urgency amongst our leads generated at trade show booth. As the term suggests, URGENCY can be achieved by offering limited time discounts or by focusing their pain-points while offering them the solution with which can assist your prospects. Concept of urgency is to proliferate the decision making power in the prospect while offering them the best suitable solution to their requirements.

Wrap For The Best At Pack Expo International 2022

Blend of special seminars, upstream suppliers, and 75% of decision makers- Pack Expo International is a highly valued platform established by the association of packaging & processing technology that embodies 900+ North American producers and dealers of packaging equipment and materials including packaging & processing industry related services. Pack Expo Chicago brings end users and suppliers together from all the packaged goods sectors for straight three days while empowering the exhibitors at the largest packaging and processing trade show!  

2022 edition of pack expo international- the packaging and processing show is scheduled to take place in October 23rd till October 26th; maintaining or overpassing the record of 23,000 attendees to find the solutions of currently faced challenges in packaging and processing industry! In fact, exhibitors exhibiting in Pack Expo International in Chicago 2022 are expected to surpass 1,500 exhibitors from last edition divided in more than 740,000 square feet of exhibit space. Speaking of which this trade show served as the largest packaging and processing event in the U.S. last year so far!

Pack Expo International 2022 In Chicago Is Ready To Re-Engage Industry Professionals Once Again!

Organisers of Pack Expo International welcome experts, visitors, and exhibitors of the packaging and processing industries after four years! Hence, nothing is comparable to in-person event in 2022. The show is the centre stage connecting exhibitors to their ideal customers and most importantly bringing industry professionals and investors on one platform to assist exhibiting companies in forming profitable relations.  So, get ready to re-engage with the industry experts directly and explore new business opportunities at the core heart of packaging and processing trade show in USA!

Lastly, pack expo international 2022 in Chicago is the right place to offers packaging and processing related solutions to the numerous sectors engaged in the wide range of packaging!  Therefore, get your trade show booth rental ready for this event and connect with an experienced and reliable trade show booth rental company in Chicago who can assist you with quality and technology driven results to attract maximum prospects.

Exhibiting Ideas Wrapped-Up In Creativity For Pack Expo International 2022

Exhibiting in Pack Expo International 2022 isn’t enough to get attract prospects and generate business. As a matter of fact, average exhibiting companies allocates 31.6% of their total marketing budget to exhibiting hence, going an extra mile makes your participation counts! We understand being an exhibitors isn’t easy since you have to stand unique and compelling in the crowd. Considering the importance of getting noticed at the leading and much awaited trade show of packaging and processing industry, we present you exhibiting ideas wrapped-up in creativity in pack expo Chicago 2022.

  • Tech-Up: Trade shows organisers are using a lot of cutting-edge technology in trade show events to offer exhibitors a handy platform in order to promote their participation. Some technologies such as intelligent displays and DFI technology enables you to attract maximum foot fall while providing visitors an ease of mode to browse and explore about your offerings. You can also synchronize the displays powered with DFI’s own media engine at pack expo international 2022.
  • Create Sensory Experience: Trade show visuals are important and must not be neglected since it impacts your prospects senses. Create a mood board using awe-inspiring colors, booth material/textures, lights, and sounds creating the captivating atmosphere from far away at pack expo international in Chicago. You can create luxury reflection with rich material and create excitement using LED lights. You can use additional exhibiting elements as well that match the emotions and tone of your brand.
  • Advantage From Table-Top & Shelve-Top Space: Having a plenty of table-top and shelf top space can be a true blessing if you know how to utilise it smartly. You must use this space to incorporate more advertising products in pack expo international 2022. Consider miniature flags, cut-outs, banners, adornments, and any other such small promotional products. You can also opt for table-top sized pop up booths, display boards (available in manageable sizes).
  • Advertise From Entrance To The Last Corner Of Your Booth: Draw your prospects attention from all the directions via promoting your brand from various angles. Place banners and stands that are placed in various angles other than the standard straight in your pack expo international trade show booth. Look for panel displays, curved shapes, and 3D stands. Search for displays that include multiple custom panels available in different shapes and sizes.