Impact Of Coronavirus On Pharma Industry

Impact Of Coronavirus On Pharma Industry

World is suffering from an unprecedented health crisis in the form of deadly virus called Novel Coronavirus also known by the name called Covid-19. Novel Coronavirus has brought the world to an unforeseen health and economic down fall. Millions of productions units across the globe are completely wrecked by its grip. Which, in parallel has also impacted the livelihood of workers working at such units.

Economy analysts say,“The economy down fall due to corona virus is going to be worse than 2007-2008 financial crisis.”And speaking particularly of exhibition industry then here are few facts and figures, of which you can make an idea how bad trade show industry has been impacted:

  • Approximately 32,000 exhibitors exhibits every year
  • There is a combined spend of 137 billion dollar via exhibitor and visitors
  • 5 million companies exhibits each year
  • 6 million exhibitors are impacted
  • 286 billion dollar loss in total
  • 1,900,000 jobs lost in direct business events


Do You Know

We tend to believe that it shouldn’t be of any surprise for you to learn, pharmaceutical chemical manufacturing and production of finished-dose generic drugs is getting steadily moved to India and China as Western drug companies. Besides that, contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) incline to censor the costs and wash off their hands from the highly polluting chemicals used in making drugs.

So, would it be right to say that coronavirus pandemic is marking a re-balance with pharma industry by inclining the nation to recognize an imperativeness of medicines? Let’s further see how pharma trades show industry is getting impacted due to Covid-19.


Impact Of Corona-virus On Pharma Industry

We know how much pharmaceutical industry holds an invincible value across the world however; despite of being a valuable industry, Covid-19 has given the tough time to this industry as well by challenging to conduct its worldwide business activity i.e., trade shows. Few of the on-going and planned medical trials for various illnesses/diseases are being suspended because of which delay in the development of new medicines is witnessed. And because of that major pharma shows in USA and other conferences related to health care industry are getting adjourned or are already being cancelled.


Update On Leading Pharma (Medical & Healthcare) Shows In USA

  • Bio International Convention: For 2020, Bio international convention trade show will be taking place over a virtual event format called BIO Digital on the pre-decided dates. There would be the virtual gathering to access the key partners via BIO One-on-One Partnering.
  • FCE Pharma: FCE Pharma 2020 is said to take to be held on the same dates as of now- 7th October 2020 – 8th October 2020.
  • CPhI Middle East & Africa: CPhI Middle East & Africa 2020 seek nor no plan to postpone or cancel the event and show dates remains to be 14th September 2020 – 15th September 2020.


Success Plan: If You Are Exhibiting In CES 2021

Success Plan: If You Are Exhibiting In CES 2021

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s major gathering platform welcoming professionals/ experts dealing in consumer technology industry. CES Show is a breakthrough platform for technology innovators providing them a platform to grow and build network globally.

Do You Know?

  • The first CES took place in New York in the year of 1967 that gathered approximately 100 exhibitors & 17,500 visitors.
  • CES 2019 held in Las Vegas attracted 4,400+ exhibiting companies covering more than 2.9 million net square feet of space,
  • 175,000 industry professionals were reported to attend CES 2019.

Success Plan: If You Are Exhibiting In CES 2021

  • Set Your Initial Goal(s)/Target(s): Before you start preparing for your trade show booth at CES 2021, make sure you have your initial goal(s)set in order to be clear about why you will be exhibiting in Consumer Electronics Show 2021. Your goals may include:
  • Business/ product (s) and service (s) promotion
  • Business collaboration and tie-ups
  • Generating new business leads
  • Searching potential investors

Setting your goal(s) will help you in straitening accordingly for future business planning and assist you in approaching right people at the show.

  • Go Creative: Have you already decided to exhibit in Consumer Electronics Show 2021? Well, try putting as much as creative efforts while planning, designing and building your trade show booth. Putting best of your creativity at CES will highlight your booth’s features while promoting your brand business and attracting number potential attendees.

Pro Tip: You can search for the best  International CES Las Vegas, USA event marketing concepts to add creative elements in your booth.

Your trade show booth must give an extension to your brand and you should utilize this opportunity to represent your company in the most creative manner. You can use lighting, pop-up colour themes and can arrange a demo to create a visual impact on the visitor’s mind about your brand/business/product.

  • Interactive Staff: Ensure that your booth has interactive staff so that you don’t miss any single prospective lead.Make sure each of your staff well interacts with the visitors and cleverly pitch about the product and engage them in a well-constructed manner. No matter how incredibly designed booth you have constructed if, your staff lack human interaction it won’t assist you generating business as desired.
  • Data: Work upon the strategy to gather visitor’s data at your booth and plan how you can utilize that collected data to get momentum from the show. Well, gathering data can be strenuous and time consuming as well however, do remember that CES 2021 is going to be the most extravaganza show that might offer you the lifetime business growth. Therefore, the data you collected will timely help you follow-up to reinforce connections to improve your growth.

If you are interested in exhibiting at CES-Consumer Electronics Show 2021 and looking for the trade show booth rental company in Las Vegas USA then contact us today to avail the best price deal available in market.

SEMA Show 2020 Registration

SEMA Show 2020 Registration Has Started! Are You Ready With Your Show Stand?

Annual gathering of SEMA show Las Vegas USA features automotive industry that focuses on the latest set of innovation done by the market experts. SEMA show 2020 is all set to take place in the month of November, 3rd till November, 6th 2020 at CONVENTION CENTER, LAS VEGAS. SEMA trade show 2020 is expected as a path to recovery after Covid-19, by positioning the vital assistance to the auto mobile businesses. The show managers are proactively working towards developing the protocols in order to create an optimum atmosphere to conduct the event, while keeping health and well-being measures on top most priority.

SEMA Vice President of Events Tom Gattuso, stated, since SEMA show Las Vegas 2020 would be fundamentally aiding the automotive industry, at the same time; we wouldn’t be hosting the show at the cost of health and safety of our visitors and exhibitors. While adding further to the statement, he mentioned “We’re confident that we will build a suitable environment that gives people certainty that they are not at risk to congregate, yet still leverages the 2020 SEMA Show’s position on the calendar to help the industry recover more quickly.”

Now that the SEMA Show Las Vegas  2020 USA is all set to begin and registration for the show has started, ask yourself, if you are ready for the show? Are you ready to exhibit in SEMA show 2020 with best of your strategy and booth designs? Well, in case you are still looking for an ideal exhibition booth design company in USA that can assist you with top notch trade show booth rental then consult our trade show expert today and avail the best deal as per your expo booth design and exhibit rentals.

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  • Our dedicated and creative team of booth designers and project managers working at Sensations Exhibits are highly experienced and well-qualified in their mainstream that helps them bring your brand vision to the reality. And being the most reliable trade show booth rental company in Las Vegas USA, we ensure to design and deliver exclusive trade show display rentals that compliment your brand/business.
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  • We never under estimate the diverse business and are open to work with each and every type of brand and business ranging from varied business size and industry type.

Components Influencing Displayed Product

Components Influencing Displayed Product Or Service On Show Floor & Visitor’s Engagement

At trade show exhibit marketers should rely on “Smart Trade Show Exhibit Display”. Well planned and well-strategized exhibiting process ensures the marketers effectively interact and engage with their ideal customers and prospects. Keeping a creative and keen eye on your modular exhibits or custom exhibits helps in hosting a successful exhibit show display while meeting the company’s goals and objectives.

The core heart of setting up unique trade show exhibit display is “engagement”. Engagement on show floor is defined as “to establish a meaningful contact or connection with.” Speaking of the exhibition marketing industry, the “with” is identified as the target audience, existing customers, potential prospects, show floor visitors; the company would like to retain or do business with.

“Customers are key” to the sustainable business model. Building a quality relationship with your customers/clients is the primary foundation for a business’s long-term success. And to accomplish the same in today’s competitive world, exhibit display companies put ample creativity while gathering industry knowledge and understanding the client’s objects & business goals to be achieved. Exhibit manufacturers provide individualized service while offering customer-centric trade show booth designs and interactive exhibit show display that helps the exhibitor to establish a meaningful relationship with the visitors. This may help in attracting high footfall to your exhibit booth rentals which are also interlinked to increased engagement.

There are many components which can influence the display of product/service & helps in increasing the engagement:

  • Vigor: the level of energy with which you interact with the visitors during the show
  • Dedication: the sense of pride and belonging from being a client
  • Absorption: when a client is happy and satisfied with the product or service
  • Interactions: the many connections between the brand and the customer

Content comes first: Developing the approach and message and then choosing the appropriate technology to convey your brand’s objective.

The engagement is merely a draw that leads two people to a meaningful conversation and a next-step action that furthers the sales cycle.

To gain the most from any marketing event, it is important for you to ensure that the event – from the trade show exhibit display, to message conveyed, to interactive engagement, should be executed in a holistic approach while aiming to making that ultimate connection between trade show exhibit attendees and your brand to gain new customers and retaining the valued ones for future success.


Product Launch & Display Strategy For MINExpo Las Vegas

Billed as the most prominent gathering platform for mining professionals and equipment suppliers, MINExpo International is a highly recognised trade show in Las Vegas for equipment and services you need for your business! From even the smallest components to the largest excavators, the MINExpo trade show is an ideal venue to launch and display products including cutting-edge technologies, advancement in safety technology, fuel cells, electrification, data systems, batteries, artificial intelligence (AI) applications for all stages of exploration and mining, analytical tools, and more. With over 1,100 exhibitors and 660,000 square feet of mining products, MINExpo Las Vegas is the largest mining exhibition in the world. Here is a full proof strategy for product launch and display at MINExpo.

Product Launch & Display Strategy For MINExpo Las Vegas

Create A Product-Centric Trade Show Booth

Your trade show booth is the most significant aspect to launch and display the product. Another integral part is the trade show booth design. The layout of the display including banners, graphics and placement products carry high importance while promoting your core business. Always keep in mind; launching a new product must be the centre attraction of your trade show booth. In other words, the highlighting point of your booth must be “The Product”. Indeed, a live product demonstration is the best way to create engagement on the show floor and give the first-hand experience to the potential buyers. Last but not the least, banners, graphics, and counter displays must highlight the features of the product.

Product Launch Video Promotion

MINExpo trade show showcases huge machinery and having said that, you may not be able to give a real-time product trail on the show floor. Hence, the best way to display the functioning of such huge machinery is via video promotion. Short video clips of your product on file will fulfil the purpose. Video promotions can be started right before the show. You can take the help of social media and can also integrate video walls in your trade show booth display. Make sure these video promotions highlight the feature of the product and give detailed information about the same.

Formulate Marketing Strategies

What ensures you the maximum footfall in your booth? Well, apart from creative and compelling booth design, formulating and executing marketing strategies hold a significant impact to drive your participation towards success! Therefore, creating the buzz about the product before the trade show, assist you in attracting attendees on the main day. Hence, this is the moment where your marketing strategies come into the picture! In order to formulate persuasive marketing strategies, focus on the key features and benefits of the product and offers (if any). Execution of these strategies can be achieved via social media marketing, video marketing, and email marketing. Other than that, you can also include a teaser of the product on your website.

Follow-Up After the MINExpo Trade Show

Once you have successfully established the product launch and display foundations, another and last step would be to follow up after the event is over. Here, the main task is to convert the leads into sales. Practising follow-up after every show will help the attendees of your booth to recall the company and the product displayed.

Pro Tip: Apart from displaying the new products as the chief focus, you must also display some of the similar products. But remember, the launch of the new product must the stress point of the entire show. Connect with us to book your trade show booth design at the MINExpo Las Vegas trade show.


Will Vaccine Acceleration In America Result In 100% Return Of Live Events?

Covid-19 stroke was felt hard a year ago across the world! Businesses being shut down lead to the downfall of the world economy. However, over the time span of perseverance and ample researches, world researchers and scientists came with multiple vaccines to combat Covid-19. The launch of vaccinations around the world and vaccination drive taking place, alleviated the pandemic panic amongst the healthcare provisions and citizens. Soon by May 1, more than thirty percent of Americans were vaccinated, as stated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC); with more Americans getting the shot every day! So, does that mean, live events will return to normalcy? To put the accuracy and facts upright, Brian Labus, Ph.D., MPH, REHS, assistant professor at the Dept. of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, UNLV School of Public Health provided insight to “vaccination and return of live events” in his recent interview.

Highlights Of The Story

  • Role of Covid vaccine in the re-opening of the trade show industry
  • Effect of new emerging variants on trade show & event industry
  • Vaccination rebounding pre-Covid normalcy
  • Safety protocols at trade shows & events
  • Expectancy of 100 percent re-opening of trade shows & events

Brian Labus addressed each of the above-mentioned statements in his recent interview and concisely explained the future proximity of the re-opening of the trade show & event industry and related concerns.

Brian Labus’s Response On Accelerating Vaccination Drive And Its Impact On Live Events

Elaborating “The role of vaccination in the re-opening of trade show industry”, Brian Labus explains:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) remains to release guidelines for fully vaccinated people. However, a traveler who is vaccinated is considered to be at low risk and requires no test or quarantine before and after travel. Further, he adds, groups of vaccinated people can gather with no masks compulsion and interact like before COVID. Meanwhile, unvaccinated people are not the beneficiaries of these options. In ended explaining the role of vaccination in the re-opening of the trade show industry by concluding, “COVID vaccinations are the path out of the pandemic and back to normalcy”.

Addressing “The effect of new emerging Covid variants on the trade show industry”, Brian Labus explains:

New emerging variants can be spread quickly or may cause more serious diseases in contrast to the previous variant. He further adds, “This may also pose a greater risk any time people gather together”. However, on the brighter side, vaccination appears to be effective even against the new emerging variants, which make it much more important than ever to get vaccinated in near future.

Explaining the third most important concern of trade show industry, “Can vaccination immediately result in rebounding pre-Covid normalcy”, Brian Labus states:

A certain percent of the population getting vaccination may not result in immediate pre-covid normalcy. Rather, it’s about putting an end to the covid spread in the community. Further, he states, “We must see the effects of vaccination in our case counts, and that’s what is going to drive behaviors”. In continuation, he says, getting back to normal may take some time but that has more to do with scheduling trade shows and events. Large events will be scheduled in the future however, we will see smaller and more regional/local events before large and international events.

Addressing, “Safety protocols like wearing masks at live trade shows & events”, Brian Labus explains: 

Masks are the most effective shield in stopping the spread of viruses and something that we need to continue to wear until we have the virus completely under our control. Further, he made his value addition by stating the importance of multiple layers. Multi-layers of fabrics enable more filtration while reducing the risk of catching the virus.

At last, answering, “Expectancy of 100 percent re-opening of trade show & events”, Brian Labus says:

“I am optimistic that we can get back to normal at the time when kids start returning to school by the fall”. However, it is completely dependent on how we respond as a community to the current and future situation. Concluding with, “We are on the virus’ timeline, and the virus has not been tipping its hand as to what is next”.

With the positive note left by Brian Labus, we hope to see a hundred percent re-opening of the trade show & events industry in the coming future!