Technology Trends For Trade Shows Happening In 2021

The trade show industry has seen an unfortunate downfall in past one year. Events being called across the industry lead to uncertainty and discerning situation. Meanwhile, virtual events grasped the drowning rate of trade shows. Big shows went virtual and managed to take place! But by the time (a few months ago), the trade show industry started responding with events confirmations and governments to re-open the industry. However, re-opening of the trade shows added quite a change- strictly to be followed by exhibitors and visitors for the public’s safety. In this course, health and hygiene protocols also came along with the hybrid format- which seemed to be implemented by several shows. Of course, hybrid trade shows were the expansion to the events while maximizing the trade show’s reach by enabling exhibitors and visitors to participate from anywhere in the world. However, it turned; hybrid events couldn’t replace face-to-face trade shows!

Face-to-face trade shows indeed, can’t be replaced. Interaction and networking at in-person events widen the business opportunities and ways to demonstrate your products. Herein, combating the uncertainty of interaction with visitors and industry peers, we propose the idea to install technology in your trade show booth. Therefore, if you want people to interact with you and explore your brand, technology is a great way to encourage safe interaction. These technologies include digital elements and interactive online experiences. Here are some possible technology trends that you can incorporate in your next trade show display.

Technology Trends You Can Incorporate In Your Next Trade Show Booth

  • Gesture Catalogues
    Gesture Catalogue is one of the technology driven concepts that replicates the traditional pamphlets and brochures to display your company profile, products and services offered. It gives ease to browse about your company and offered products & services using in-store tablets/smart screens. These catalogs are typically an example of smart technology to display customized digital business catalogues that can be operated via hand and voice gestures.
  • Video Walls
    The ability to interact with visitors is the key to create enriched experiences. And the perfect way to attract increased footfall and engage your trade show booth visitors is to share visual content via video walls. Video wall technology adds an innovative paradigm to the exhibiting experience- an immersive way to achieve the most! By simply covering the walls of your trade show booth with multiple video walls, can help transform the regular space into a truly immersive space.
  • AI For Exhibitions
    It’s not just that Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology re-shaped the entire computer science branch but also gave the technology edge to the exhibition industry. Automated lead generation, client feedback and integrated visitor’s analysis are few extensions that benefited to exhibition industry in assistance with Artificial Intelligence. AI technology integrated into exhibition stands designed and built by us contain the advancements backed by AI.
  • Schedulers
    Eliminating the lack of communication, schedulers work as the viable technology for exhibitors and visitors to stay updated about the meeting and conference to take place at the trade show. Other than this, schedulers are also specialized in profiling your company detail, products & services including staff information and types of available collaborations. A more significant aspect of schedulers is, it is integrated with ER Show Interactive Trade Show Floor Map enabling the exhibitors to pre-book the hall and booth stands in real-time and extends the benefit to search booths and their respective product and service offerings.

Additional Technology Take Ways For Your Next Trade Show Display

Downloadable business cards and e-brochures encompassing your company’s information can be the relevant technology to incorporate in future trade show booths. Other than that, you can also include graphics containing the QR code that will ensure a touch-less exchange of information. Indeed, technology is inevitable that continues to evolve at a rapid pace. So, let’s just utilize the offerings of revolutionizing technology that can later help you and your company to grow a single touch.


Reasons Why Exhibiting At Pack Expo Las Vegas Can Bring You Closer To New Business Opportunities

Buzzing the packaging and processing industry with new business and lifetime networking opportunities, Pack Expo Las Vegas records 78 percent of attendees having the power to make or influence the purchasing decisions in their respective companies. Not just it holds the highest decision-making attendees but also, the pack expo trade show opens the business possibilities in 44 plus verticals under one same roof! This leading show of the packaging and processing industry welcomes exhibitors and attendees from the food & beverage industry with its 13 various verticals, pharmaceutical/medical device industry with its 6 varying verticals, and other packed goods industry with the miscellaneous products ranging from automobile to toys/sports/crafts. Therefore, exhibiting in such a wide trade show like pack expo Las Vegas can be a chance to amplify your business.

Now the question arises, how and why an exhibitor can attain success by exhibiting at the Pack Expo trade show? Well, to its answers, we have accumulated the 4 strong reasoning that can bring you closer to new business opportunities!

Why Exhibiting At Pack Expo Las Vegas Can Bring You Closer To New Business Opportunities?

  • Breakthrough in 40+ Industry Verticals

    The trade show pack expo connects the suppliers with end-users from virtually every vertical industry. This dynamic mix leads to unexpected ideas and exciting approaches to solving packaging challenges. In other words, it brings nearly every sector together while aiding exhibitors to reach maximum suppliers. Verticals like baking & snacks, beverage, branding, confectioner, chemical/household, cosmetic/personal care, dairy, food, medical devices, pharma, pet food, and more are represented in the pack expo show.
  • Sponsorships & Advertising

    Maximize your business reach at pack expo Las Vegas with numerous sponsorships and quality advertising available at the event. Sponsorships & advertising can help you centralize your brand at the trade show while increasing business opportunities and guaranteed brand visibility to thousands of visitors during and even after the show. You can opt for any method for the advertising amongst the following options: Digital, Expo-Wide, Printed, and Speaking Opportunities. All you need is, to connect with the show organizer.
  • Educational & Roundtable Sessions With Industry Experts

    Multiple free educational sessions at the pack expo trade show make it opportune to attend and exhibit in the event. Moreover, offered educational and roundtable sessions with industry-leading experts ease the pain to stay updated with the industry’s breakthroughs innovations, and trends. Interestingly, the show hosts 70 plus educational sessions that can help you find the right information for the growth of your business.
  • 30 Minutes Presentation On Centralised Stage

    Hosted under the “Innovation Stage Presentation”, now you can present your brand to potential customers by speaking to your targeted audience for 30 minutes on a centralized stage. Simply share advances, innovations, and products that your brand/company is contributing to the revolutionizing packaging and processing industry. Presenting your company for 30-minutes in a seminar on centralized stages can assist you in reaching the right audience for your business growth and opportunities.

If you are an aspiring exhibitor and searching for a trade show booth design construction company for pack expo Las Vegas then connect with us! With the expertise of 20 years in the exhibition industry, we build trade show displays for nearly 200 companies exhibiting in the USA. At last, we promise you success and creativity both at a time!


Color Themes For Maximized Footfall At Cosmoprof Las Vegas Trade Show Booth

Colors are omnipresent! Do you imagine a world without any tints or shades? Doesn’t it look bland to you? Well, you cannot underestimate the power of colors. Various researches support the fact that colors are the most essential visual cue that can attract people and can influence their thoughts and perspectives. Therefore, saying, the right blend of colors acts as a magical potion, wouldn’t be wrong! What if we say, this blog post will be carrying out some of the most influential color themes that can help maximize the footfall at Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas Trade Show Booth?

Well, the right color combination depicts the theme of your brand and your trade show display while shaping the mood of onlookers. The accurate amalgamation of color themes in a marketing space is extremely vital to draw the attendees’ attention while making your brand highly recognizable. Speaking of which, understanding the basic colors will assist you in utilizing the right shades for the Cosmoprof North America trade show booth. Learn more about color themes to create vibrant Trade Show Exhibits in the world of beauty- COSMOPROF NORTH AMERICA LAS VEGAS!

Black for enhanced product display: Black is an ideal color to establish a bold impression amongst your audiences and to enhance your product display when paired with ambient lighting. The beauty industry often perceives the color black as classy and bold. Black is associated with power, strength, and elegance that can easily blend with any color and depicts a high status. Beauty brands generally use this color to make their products look distinctive and dazzling. Black when used in contrast- especially with white, reflects a positive blend of energy, conveys definite marks–reflects positive communicative potential (for conveying accurate information) therefore, you will find this bold color in various beauty trade show graphics. So, convey a feeling of certainty in your audience by pairing it with bright tones.

Color Code: Black 6C

White for an expansive feel in space: The color white stands for purity, cleanliness, and simplicity. Most importantly, the color white gives an expansive feel to space. Fabulously pair white with bright colors to create a sense of space or to highlight your products. White is often used to make your show stand more spacious, clean, and large. In marketing space, white is used to instill positivity and a feeling of safety in your attendees. Other than that, beauty brands can use this color to symbolize a sense of certainty and to bring clarity to the mind of the attendees about their products.

Color Code: 11-4001

Beige for a premium representation: Beige (a camel brown color) symbolizes a calm, neutral, and relaxing effect and is generally ideal for premium skincare brands. The color beige originates from the amalgamation of a light/pale grey, brown, and yellow. Beige is a neutrally relaxing color and contains the exact softness and pureness as the shade white. The beauty brands can use this color to represent natural and pure skincare products that will provide a deep sense of relaxation to your skin. Color beige blends well with skin tones and may suggest a desire for visual or color coordination. There are various shades of the color beige and it could depict a desire for a more natural look depending upon the shades. In marketing space, beige is used to instill feelings of natural and neutral calmness in the audience.

Color Code: 7499 C

Light purple for luxurious displays: Purple is the perfect amalgamation of calm stability of blue and fierce oomph of red. Purple color is linked with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. The color purple gives off an air of luxury & calmness to the mind and has a variety of effects on both body and mind. The beauty brands can use this color to denote uplifting spirits, calm mind, nerves, and body. Light purple can easily blend well with tints like yellow, orange, white, and green. In marketing space, light purple is used to depict more womanly products and instill cheerful, wealthy, creativity and playful vibes in the audience.

Color Code: 670 C

Mint green for serene & organic products: Mint green (a more pastel shade of green) represents tranquillity, calmness, and serenity. Beauty brands can use this color to make reconnect with the calm, pure and peaceful nature of their products or services. This color denotes that the brand is chemical-free, organic & closer to nature. In the beauty industry, mint green is used to take you close to the natural, soothing and comforting products that assure your natural revitalization. Refreshing green also denotes youthful, regenerating, and renewing vibes which makes it apt to highlight products that are free of chemicals.

Color Code: 2253 C