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Construction Trends to Explore at NAHB International Builders Show 2023

The construction industry is embracing technology to enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of construction management and site operations. 

At International Builders Show 2023, visitors learn about new products, technologies, and services. NAHB International Builders Show 2023 offers a massive opportunity to explore the new trends emerging in the construction industry.

Here are some construction trends that exhibitors can explore at NAHB International Builders Show

  • Smart Cities – The development of smart cities is one of the major trends influencing the construction sector. Some of the world’s largest technology corporations, including IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco, invest extensively in megaprojects to develop innovative, sustainable cities.


  • Green building – Green Building entails creating environmentally sustainable structures through ecologically sustainable construction and design process. Green building is a popular concept in which eco-friendly measures are included, from pre-construction planning to project completion and decommissioning. Green buildings maximize energy and resource use, eliminate waste during construction, and allow structures to reach net-zero carbon emissions.


  • Drone Technology – Drone technology is another way the building business is getting more efficient. Drones provide more successful building site inspections and monitoring than ever before. They enable professionals to visualize what is happening on a site more quickly and accurately.


  • 3D printing – 3D printing in construction, often known as additive construction, is a sustainable and effective technique for building. Numerous start-ups make 3D printers or provide printing services for small- and large-scale projects. 3D printing technology has the potential to transform the construction industry by enabling faster, cheaper, and greener constructions.

Many start-ups produce 3D printers or offer printing services for small- and large-scale projects. These construction industry trends are rapidly affecting the global market – growing pricing and skilled labour shortages are anticipated to continue in the future decade, and regulatory challenges may become stricter with an increased focus on workplace safety and climate change adaptation. 

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