Have You Been Following-Up With People Who Visits Your Trade Show Booth?

Have You Been Following-Up With People Who Visits Your Trade Show Booth?

People who visit your booth…EXPECT you to follow up!

Exhibiting in an event serves the huge per cent to get new clients on board that helps you keep your business growing and going! If you’ve made a profound research and have chosen the right trade show to participate in, you’ll be booked with plenty of potential clients. However, it requires a strategic follow-up with the people who visit your stand. Believe it or not but your trade show booth visitors EXPECT you to follow-up! Exhibiting in an event is an investment that can help you reap cosmic rewards. Hence, in order to optimize the return on your trade show booth, you are highly suggested to follow-up with the people who visit your stand.

Leads that you generate in an event must be followed up post the show since you have invested big time in your trade show booth rental to get new prospects. In fact, most leads have the ability to close depending upon how quickly you follow up. Framing a follow up strategy, scoring leads, and building a process can aid you significantly in increased positive response from the leads leading towards the frequent closures! As a matter of fact, companies that follow-up with the leads/prospects within 24 hour after the show, have 7 times increased probability to get a response and close it. In other words, you will miss a potential client who visited your trade show booth if you don’t follow-up at the earliest!

How To Frame Your Follow-Up Strategy For The People Who Visit Your Trade Show Booth?

Following-up with the leads you generate in a trade show booth is crucial since these leads can be completely in your control if you follow up quickly and strategically. Promptness of following-up can be attained once your frame the strategy and prioritise via segmenting leads on urgency “The Hot Leads”. Following pointers will help you organize a timelines and feasible process to execute!

  • Develop A Timeline: Try initiating the first follow-up within 24-48 hours post the show. Especially, hot leads need a follow up one to two days after the event in order to prevent your competitors from chasing the deal. Considering relationship would have been established at your trade show booth hence, it gives a good basis to recognize a hot lead. If you contact the potential customers soon after receiving a query they ate nearly 7x more likely to become your client. Speaking of which, 60 per cent of companies take over 24 hours or longer to follow-up. So consider it an advantage and grab the deal at the earliest.

  • Follow-Up Process: Start the follow-up process with a thank you mail (little personalised- pointing the prospects pain point and offering solution right after it; also known as (your Unique Selling Point). While framing a follow-up process you have to sure, what medium will be open to connect (email, google form or phone call). Apart from that, you may have to customize the content of email or script for the calling depending upon your leads requirements (they mentioned on the day of trade show or later on). Other than that, consider chancing follow-up mediums. For example, if you haven’t received nay revert over the mail then switch to call before the lead gets lost or sold to other company!

  • Create Urgency: Follow-up can be double the effective if you create the sense of urgency amongst our leads generated at trade show booth. As the term suggests, URGENCY can be achieved by offering limited time discounts or by focusing their pain-points while offering them the solution with which can assist your prospects. Concept of urgency is to proliferate the decision making power in the prospect while offering them the best suitable solution to their requirements.

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