How Can You Accelerate Your Brand At The Upcoming Trade Shows In 2022?

Trade shows (the live marketing and branding platform) brings your products, services and, brand to the forefront of market and adds credibility in your brand’s name. However, participating in trade shows is a huge investment hence; you need the metrics to host a successful trade show booth rental backed by effective tactics. Speaking of which, a huge ratio of exhibitors’ success at trade shows heavily relies on the presentation of trade show exhibit rentals. Following are the statistics indicating that you need to accelerate your participation at upcoming trade shows in 2022:

  • 81% of visitors have purchasing and decision-making power
  • 78% of visitors travel over 400 miles to attend the trade show
  • 46% of decision makers make purchase decisions during the trade show
  • 51% of visitors requests a visit of sales rep in their company after the show
  • 92% of trade show visitors say they are looking for new launch to make purchase
  • 74% of customers are more likely to buy the product after seeing it on the show site

5 Ways That Can Help You Accelerate Your Brand At Upcoming Trade Shows In 2022

  • Create Graphical Impact: Ensure to grasp the attention of your ideal prospects with the help of engaging graphical presentation. For that, use your brand colors, bold & readable text, relatable images and illustrations. Always note, fewer the elements on trade show exhibit, larger will it look along with more impact. In addition, taller booths must have branding graphics at height so that visitors can learn about your participation from far away.
  • Emphasize On Product Demonstration: At times exhibitors’ gets mislead at trade shows and starts prioritizing least important objectives. Rather, you must get creative and strategize to emphasize on the product demonstration at the centre of trade show booth rental. This will help visitors to understand what you are prioritizing and what you offer alongside what is your call to action.
  • Create A Hierarchy Of Communication: Motive of your participation at trade shows is fulfilled when your exhibit have a hierarchy of communication- starting from highest “who you are” then “what you do” and finally “what you can do for your audience”. Hence, your booth rental must have sub-levels of communication within your trade show exhibit. This will help your prospects understand about your brand and what you do to assist your clients while pushing them to make positive decision.   
  • Be Consistent In Marketing: Your participation in trade shows must be reinforced with the consistent marketing/promotion of your exhibit at the particular event. Such promotional messages can be share via brochures, website, and other online advertisements. Start promoting your participation 3 to 4 months before. However, we suggest you to be consistent through-out those 3-4 months so that it doesn’t get fade away.  
  • Lighting & Effects: One of the proven ways to mark your presence at trade shows is to add effectual lights in trade show exhibit rentals. Appropriate lighting brings the attention to your booth standing amongst the crowd. You can utilize digital graphics and innovative technologies however, keep the guidelines issued by the show organizers while utilizing different lights in your booth.

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