Is Social Media The Part Of Your Trade Show Exhibit Strategy?

Is Social Media The Part Of Your Trade Show Exhibit Strategy?

The ratio of businesses using social media for trade show marketing has increased like never before! From thirty per cent social media marketing witnessed in 2010 to sixty per cent surge witnessed in 2018 shows the significance of social media in business growth. Therefore, having a solidified social media strategy in-lined with your trade show exhibit is a crucial marketing aspect to help you accelerate your audience reach. Social media being the major part of the trade show exhibit strategy requires exposure and knowledge of social media handling. Kindly note, channelizing social media in your trade show exhibit strategy can only benefit you when execute the right way!

Tweeting live trade show updates from the show floor, posting exhibit information or sharing live exhibit pictures can help attract quality and qualified protects. In fact, there’s a study conducted that showed the response of trade show exhibit marketers on the usage of social media:

  • Surge in sales
  • Increased press coverage
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Enhanced connection with prospects and clients
  • Maximum booth traffic and trade show exhibit visitors

3 Proven Social Media Tactics To Generate Buzz For Your Upcoming Trade Show Exhibit

Generate Curiosity Crunch With Timer/Countdown

Main purpose to do countdown is to generate a sense of curiosity and urgency. Typically, countdown gives the feeling of “running out of time” that results in creating hassle and spontaneous decision. To be more specified, a timer’s job is the most simplified yet crucial one- which is to create a sense of urgency, that is significant because it is related to psychology principle called “fear of missing out” or “scarcity”. Indeed a great starting point for marketers to attract buyers!

Go Live From Your Trade Show Exhibit

Live video reigning supremacy all across the social media platforms. In the year 2018, Facebook claimed that live video attracts six times interaction. Therefore, going live feature from your trade shoe exhibit is an excellent way to attract increased footfall in your booth and to create buss about new product release. However, make sure that all your equipment is functional and your team is well-rehearsed and ready to go live. Here’s a rule of thumb before going live on social media, ensure to notify your followers at least 15 minutes prior going live. Once you will be live, the respective social media platform will notify itself to your audience. To the minimum, stream live for at least for 20 minutes and also remember to restrict maximum time. There’s nothing worse than getting to the grand finale and having your stream cut off. This will help you rope your audience into the stream and stay live with you till last! Therefore, be crisp, sweet, and to the point.

Pro Tip: Trick is to compel your audience to stick around as long as you are live. You can generate web traffic by pinning relatable content in the comment section or by including in the post, copy when you will publish it on the social media.

Create Videos With Inside Sneak Peak Of Your Exhibit

Snackable Video is the new viral game! Creating snackable (short and interesting) videos is the chief component to add in your trade show exhibit social media strategy. A study suggests that eighty percent of viewers are able to recall a video. In fact, seventy percent of trade show marketing professionals witness higher conversion rates via video as compared to other mediums. Moreover, marketers who integrate crisp and compelling videos into their social media strategy help them increase revenue by forty nine per cent faster. However, the point to be noted here is; these statistics aren’t the sole results, videos- rather that include end to end marketing! But producing a professional video adds weightage to your conversion rate. Remember, the type of video you create should complement your trade show exhibit strategy and business objectives.

Pro Tips: Stay mindful to the video length restrictions on various social media platforms- Video should be at least fifteen seconds to maximum two minutes long.


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