Is Your Trade Show Booth “Decked-Up” With SUSTAINABLE SUBSTITUTES?

Is Your Trade Show Booth “Decked-Up” With SUSTAINABLE SUBSTITUTES?

Investment that goes in building a trade show booth is cosmic! Efforts to plan, money to go live on show floor (from shipment to dismantling) and material to “build” a booth is the RE-OCCURRING OVER ALL that an exhibitor bears to exhibit in various trade shows. No surprise that trade shows happening all around the world produces waste in high amount due to the material invested in building a booth. The worst? Waste generation on show floor remains unaddressed via trade show booth design companies!
Impacting the environment, trade shows produce 600,000 tons of trash from the booth displays every year. As sustainability becomes the crucial call to curb the increasing trash, trade show exhibit companies must make conscious decisions via opting sustainable substitutes in order to reduce the waste and carbon footprint enabling exhibitors to conserve the environment. Hence, utilizing smart and digital practices can assist trade show booth design companies in preventing the trash while moving the industry towards a greener and sustainable experience.

Make A Difference With SUSTAINABLE SUBSTITUTES In Your Trade Show Exhibits

Trade show companies must take attention grabbing initiatives to make a sustainable shift. A recent study by the National Marketing Institute cited that an ideal client is 58 per cent more likely to make purchase from your trade show booth if the design is mindful and have less impact on the environment. Therefore, switching to sustainable substitutes in your upcoming trade show exhibit can make a big difference to the environment, marketing and to your overall participation as well. Though it’s impossible to completely eliminate all the waste, it is totally in your hands to reduce the amount of its generation by taking the note of following SUSTAINABLE SUBSTITUTES in your upcoming trade show booth design!

  • BE THE TECH SAVVY (Install LED walls replacing old school graphics): Graphics and printed hangings contribute highest in waste generation due to the printing and later disposal of the fabric. Where the world is inclined being tech savvy, why not replace old school graphics with LED walls and hangings! Techy and the minimal presentation of your message with sound and lighting effect- an ideal vocal presentation of your grand.

GO PAPERLESS (Add digital table-tops replacing literature stands): Convert your marketing materials into paperless form. Not just this reform your trade show exhibits but enables you to avoid in producing waste. Eliminate the necessity of literature stand by simply hanging up the digital table-tops  while enabling your prospects and trade show visitors to browse about you company. Table-tops and tablets are the appropriate alternatives to offer visitors with ease to browse what they want to know you.

  • RULE DIGITALLY (Opt digital brochures replacing leaflets & booklets): Marketing and branding materials do play the crucial role in communicating with your prospects at the trade show stand. The ultimate waste right? However, waste generated and the cost behind can be saved by going paperless. Rather than passing out brochures, flyers, and business cards you can place scanners directing your prospects/booth visitors to the digital brochures, e-book, e-business card and some informative landing page via using the phone. This will not only minimize the carbon footprint but will also ensure that your business card and information will land direct in their pocket.

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