Power up your trade show booth with our enigmatic ideas

Attracting an audience to your trade show booth is an art. And if you’re a newbie, we are going to help you in this ordeal. If you are one of those who have gone the extra mile and collaborated with a good trade show booth constructor to design a show-stopper booth, you would want to draw a target audience to your booth. No worries you have us. There are plenty of ideas and strategies that can drive a lot of traffic to your booth.

5 Powerful strategies to attract the audience

  1. Social Promotions: Promotions about your exhibit, the trade show that you are taking part in, and propagating in all social media portals will take you a long way and will build awareness about you well in advance. Promotions on social media portals spread like wildfire and everybody wants to explore the opportunities, and freebies and be part of your industry expedition. Social media promotions pave a good way to build anticipation among businesses and anyone who is related to your industry.
  2. Creative experience: Assuring something unusual at your trade show booth can leave people in awe. Try VR sets and stay ahead of the competition curve and show great visuals rather than lengthy product descriptions and boring presentations. This Virtual Reality equipment is great to show footage of how your product is developed or the brainstorming sessions that your team had while developing a futuristic technology. The footfall at your trade show booth is surely going to amplify for sure.
  3. Capture audiences: It is another form of engagement. For starters, run a fortune wheel to give away freebies, prizes, or coupon codes for visitors to spin and win. This is a great way that does not sound too casual and everyone gets to win. So, running a fortune wheel in your next trade show exhibit can be the ticket to the engagement level that all of the businesses have been expecting long enough. But please make sure that the giveaway prizes should be a mix of small and larger gift boxes that does not make you a pauper at the end of the trade show! This fortune wheel need not be physical it could be a virtual one too. And if you think using a physical fortune wheel is old school, try a good trade show constructor company that can customize your booth accordingly and tell you ways to build engagement. Another great way to break the ice is to induce racing simulators with leaderboards to drive healthy competition between the players.
  4. A little social: When at trade shows, do not forget about being a little social. Have someone from your team handle social media and please whatever you post, make sure to add the necessary hashtags.
  5. Budgetfriendly engagement: Offering high-profile engagement involves a lot of expenditure. But if you’re a little tight on the budget, you can try various selfie frames for your audience to click pictures and cherish beautiful moments. But please make sure that you have designed creative walls or murals that when taken as a background look pretty for a selfie click. For the placement, ideation, and creation of creative walls contact your custom trade fair booth company

Wrapping Up: Using VR sets is not the only technology there are others like large LED screens to showcase your USPs, touch screen hires to showcase promo videos, and recreate themes to showcase your USPs like recreating a lounge room if you are a business doing the interior decoration.

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