Product Launch & Display Strategy For MINExpo Las Vegas

Billed as the most prominent gathering platform for mining professionals and equipment suppliers, MINExpo International is a highly recognised trade show in Las Vegas for equipment and services you need for your business! From even the smallest components to the largest excavators, the MINExpo trade show is an ideal venue to launch and display products including cutting-edge technologies, advancement in safety technology, fuel cells, electrification, data systems, batteries, artificial intelligence (AI) applications for all stages of exploration and mining, analytical tools, and more. With over 1,100 exhibitors and 660,000 square feet of mining products, MINExpo Las Vegas is the largest mining exhibition in the world. Here is a full proof strategy for product launch and display at MINExpo.

Product Launch & Display Strategy For MINExpo Las Vegas

Create A Product-Centric Trade Show Booth

Your trade show booth is the most significant aspect to launch and display the product. Another integral part is the trade show booth design. The layout of the display including banners, graphics and placement products carry high importance while promoting your core business. Always keep in mind; launching a new product must be the centre attraction of your trade show booth. In other words, the highlighting point of your booth must be “The Product”. Indeed, a live product demonstration is the best way to create engagement on the show floor and give the first-hand experience to the potential buyers. Last but not the least, banners, graphics, and counter displays must highlight the features of the product.

Product Launch Video Promotion

MINExpo trade show showcases huge machinery and having said that, you may not be able to give a real-time product trail on the show floor. Hence, the best way to display the functioning of such huge machinery is via video promotion. Short video clips of your product on file will fulfil the purpose. Video promotions can be started right before the show. You can take the help of social media and can also integrate video walls in your trade show booth display. Make sure these video promotions highlight the feature of the product and give detailed information about the same.

Formulate Marketing Strategies

What ensures you the maximum footfall in your booth? Well, apart from creative and compelling booth design, formulating and executing marketing strategies hold a significant impact to drive your participation towards success! Therefore, creating the buzz about the product before the trade show, assist you in attracting attendees on the main day. Hence, this is the moment where your marketing strategies come into the picture! In order to formulate persuasive marketing strategies, focus on the key features and benefits of the product and offers (if any). Execution of these strategies can be achieved via social media marketing, video marketing, and email marketing. Other than that, you can also include a teaser of the product on your website.

Follow-Up After the MINExpo Trade Show

Once you have successfully established the product launch and display foundations, another and last step would be to follow up after the event is over. Here, the main task is to convert the leads into sales. Practising follow-up after every show will help the attendees of your booth to recall the company and the product displayed.

Pro Tip: Apart from displaying the new products as the chief focus, you must also display some of the similar products. But remember, the launch of the new product must the stress point of the entire show. Connect with us to book your trade show booth design at the MINExpo Las Vegas trade show.

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