Color Themes For Maximized Footfall At Cosmoprof Las Vegas Trade Show Booth

Colors are omnipresent! Do you imagine a world without any tints or shades? Doesn’t it look bland to you? Well, you cannot underestimate the power of colors. Various researches support the fact that colors are the most essential visual cue that can attract people and can influence their thoughts and perspectives. Therefore, saying, the right blend of colors acts as a magical potion, wouldn’t be wrong! What if we say, this blog post will be carrying out some of the most influential color themes that can help maximize the footfall at Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas Trade Show Booth?

Well, the right color combination depicts the theme of your brand and your trade show display while shaping the mood of onlookers. The accurate amalgamation of color themes in a marketing space is extremely vital to draw the attendees’ attention while making your brand highly recognizable. Speaking of which, understanding the basic colors will assist you in utilizing the right shades for the Cosmoprof North America trade show booth. Learn more about color themes to create vibrant Trade Show Exhibits in the world of beauty- COSMOPROF NORTH AMERICA LAS VEGAS!

Black for enhanced product display: Black is an ideal color to establish a bold impression amongst your audiences and to enhance your product display when paired with ambient lighting. The beauty industry often perceives the color black as classy and bold. Black is associated with power, strength, and elegance that can easily blend with any color and depicts a high status. Beauty brands generally use this color to make their products look distinctive and dazzling. Black when used in contrast- especially with white, reflects a positive blend of energy, conveys definite marks–reflects positive communicative potential (for conveying accurate information) therefore, you will find this bold color in various beauty trade show graphics. So, convey a feeling of certainty in your audience by pairing it with bright tones.

Color Code: Black 6C

White for an expansive feel in space: The color white stands for purity, cleanliness, and simplicity. Most importantly, the color white gives an expansive feel to space. Fabulously pair white with bright colors to create a sense of space or to highlight your products. White is often used to make your show stand more spacious, clean, and large. In marketing space, white is used to instill positivity and a feeling of safety in your attendees. Other than that, beauty brands can use this color to symbolize a sense of certainty and to bring clarity to the mind of the attendees about their products.

Color Code: 11-4001

Beige for a premium representation: Beige (a camel brown color) symbolizes a calm, neutral, and relaxing effect and is generally ideal for premium skincare brands. The color beige originates from the amalgamation of a light/pale grey, brown, and yellow. Beige is a neutrally relaxing color and contains the exact softness and pureness as the shade white. The beauty brands can use this color to represent natural and pure skincare products that will provide a deep sense of relaxation to your skin. Color beige blends well with skin tones and may suggest a desire for visual or color coordination. There are various shades of the color beige and it could depict a desire for a more natural look depending upon the shades. In marketing space, beige is used to instill feelings of natural and neutral calmness in the audience.

Color Code: 7499 C

Light purple for luxurious displays: Purple is the perfect amalgamation of calm stability of blue and fierce oomph of red. Purple color is linked with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. The color purple gives off an air of luxury & calmness to the mind and has a variety of effects on both body and mind. The beauty brands can use this color to denote uplifting spirits, calm mind, nerves, and body. Light purple can easily blend well with tints like yellow, orange, white, and green. In marketing space, light purple is used to depict more womanly products and instill cheerful, wealthy, creativity and playful vibes in the audience.

Color Code: 670 C

Mint green for serene & organic products: Mint green (a more pastel shade of green) represents tranquillity, calmness, and serenity. Beauty brands can use this color to make reconnect with the calm, pure and peaceful nature of their products or services. This color denotes that the brand is chemical-free, organic & closer to nature. In the beauty industry, mint green is used to take you close to the natural, soothing and comforting products that assure your natural revitalization. Refreshing green also denotes youthful, regenerating, and renewing vibes which makes it apt to highlight products that are free of chemicals.

Color Code: 2253 C