Right Product Display & Lighting Can Be A Game Changer At JCK Las Vegas

Right Product Display & Lighting Can Be A Game Changer At JCK Las Vegas

“Jewelry”, the first art form to enter archaeological record thousands of years back, is now the art celebrated every year at JCK Las Vegas. America’s most elite jewelry gathering- a comprehensive stage opening gates to new business opportunities and to exhibit new collection on an international stage, JCK is the trade show welcoming jewelry makers! Apart from magnificent designs and latest trends being showcased in such a secured environment, the trade show is also the amalgamation of plethora of exclusive events keeping luxury, designer and international product the centre of attraction. Trade show like JCK Las Vegas is the jewelry industry’s supreme event driving 30,000 plus world’s highly known influencers and industry professionals. A home to all-encompassing expensive jewelry collection such as gems, timepieces and services marks JCK Las Vegas a premier business destination to explore fine jewelry market.

Now imagine JCK Las Vegas an event where product launch is the focal point with the gathering of more than 10,000 qualified buyers! Array of top designs, meaningful motifs are exhibited across the hall of 936,600 square feet. Indeed exhibiting in JCK is more about conveying your message, creating you brand identity and demonstrating your product the right way under the light that compliments it! Hence, exhibitors participating in JCK Las Vegas look for exceptional, delightful, and crafty trade show booth rentals in Las Vegas. 10,000 qualified buyers and 936,600 square feet of space require immediacy of attention alongside developing a brand experience with the right product display and lighting at JCK!  

Execution Of Right Product Display At JCK Las Vegas

Displaying your products (jewelry) at JCK Las Vegas starts with finding the unique yet appropriate props. Use props, stands, and organisers of different heights arranged in an assorted manner complementing the style and texture of the displayed jewelry without stealing each other’s spotlight. If you have number of jewelry to display at JCK trade show in Las Vegas then we suggest you to create distinctive vignettes in your trade show booth so that each line of jewelry is displayed separately. Other than that, if you deal in antique jewelry then displaying it in small old travel chests will enhance the product presentation. Speaking of costume jewelry centering the ’50s and ’60s statements can be displayed over jewelry mannequin stands at JCK Las Vegas with complementing styling while demonstrating the style and culture back then!

Execution Of Right Lighting At JCK Las Vegas

Put warm lights right above the displayed jewelry and mirrors adjacent to the jewelry stands when you exhibit in JCK trade show in Las Vegas. Reflection of light will uplift the product presentation ten times and mirror will give the full effect of the jewelry when tried on! Did you know that subtle and warn lighting plays a critical role in flattering people when they try the jewelry piece in front of the mirror. Therefore, light-up your products with artificial light at JCK Las Vegas- for that use LED light strips, portable lamps, and light boxes.

Quick Tips To Attract Your Dream Clients At JCK Las Vegas

Displaying jewelry at JCK Las Vegas is always a better way to get maximum visibility and to pull your target audience. Always remember that your displayed product must create a desirable atmosphere for your potential customers. Here are some quick tips to attract your dream clients at JCK trade show: 

  • Use a background color for jewelry display. Blue or Red Velvet backrougd are highly opted for the same. Using these two colors gives a better outlook to the product however, you can also use subtle colors and the combination of white and black depending upon the jewelry.
  • Ensure to display the products with a space to breath at JCK Las Vegas so that it doesn’t feel crowded and loose its essence. Therefore, keeping the different type of jewelries separate not only prevent the cluster but also preserve the charm and shine of it!
  • Identify which jewelry is to be displayed in front and which is to be displayed in other corners. No matter how great designs you have, if you display the least common jewelry in front it will take away your prospects. Hence, display the trending product in front.
  • Lastly, as mentioned above, lighting makes the jewelry presentation outstanding. Even the simplest product can get emphasize with vibrant lighting. So, get your trade show booth fitted with proper lighting at JCK trade show so that you can attract maximum audience.

Marketing Ideas For JCK Las Vegas From The Depth Of Jewelry Industry

The jewelry industry is manifesting day after day while taking along the industry’s pioneers with itself! However, the emerging new and independent jewelers stay clinging in between industry pioneers and marketing. Where at the one end, pioneers continue to grow in their prevailing customer base, new and independent jewelers struggle in between the changing consumer behavior and the new market paradigm- and left behind with jewelry marketers risk. Word-of-mouth advertising from loyal customers may not be an option for many in the market nevertheless, a rich narrative celebrating, and year-round (including holiday) promotions can help the new and emerging jewelers grow. To support the growing industry of (fine) jewelry, JCK Las Vegas trade show offers a unified international platform for all jewelers. Here are some marketing ideas dug from the depth of jewelry for the exhibitors seeking to participate in JCK Las Vegas.

Before we dive straight into the marketing ideas, here’s a first handed Pro Tip for all the emerging exhibitors going to exhibit in JCK!

Pro Tips For Exhibitors Participating In JCK Las Vegas

A major challenge faced by fine jewelry emerging companies is marketing their quality jewelry products to their target audience whereas, the industry pioneers actively promote their products as the best source for delicate and fine jewelry.

Pro-Tip: Avoid price-focused marketing since doing so can alienate your customers. Apart from that, we highly recommend building customer relationships while acknowledging the customers’ value through creative and thoughtful marketing. Practicing so will help you in positioning your brand to success.

Marketing Ideas Trio To Benefit From In Upcoming JCK Las Vegas 

Create Opportunities Via Rich Storytelling: Jewelry being such a symbolic and personal purchase, the customer experience you offer must be as thorough and multidimensional as possible. Storytelling enables the consumers to connect with the brand in the absence of physical/ face-to-face proximity. You are required to convey a sense of uniqueness to potential customers with a series of personalized and thoughtful crafted messages about your fine jewelry products. A skilled copywriter can help you create regular storytelling via emails, blog posts, and social media showcasing the brand’s offering. On that note, including photos of jewelry collections and thoughtful gifting suggestions will help enhance your jewelry marketing at the JCK Las Vegas trade show.

Attract Visitors Via Appealing Jewelry Presentation: Jewelry products are eye appealing due to their designs, styles, and materials used. Therefore, such products are capable of attracting more attention. But how can one find the right way to benefit from such eye-appealing offerings? Well, the best way is the “Presentation” of jewelry. In order to present your jewelry offerings at the JCK trade show, you must display the products with more spacing in between for an impactful presentation. Color thematic and product positioning will also create more appealing visual presentations while increasing the chances of impromptu purchase. Doing so will enable the visitors to notice and engage with displayed offerings that look too good to pass on! And hence, the ultimate success of your jewelry brand ends here with a trade show visitor demanding to buy the displayed items at your trade show booth.

Maximize Display Case Space: Considering the whole space of your trade show booth and how few square feet are occupied by the display cases can change your brand’s marketing game. Typically, most booths lose 40 percent of their total space due to aisle ways, office space, entrance, backrooms, and other facilities. Therefore, leaving the minimal/restricted product display case space! Hence, in an effort to showcase the maximum inventory, the result often leads to visual confusion of the product. On the other side, you can still visually guide your ideal shoppers/customers from one item to another by using basic design theories. To achieve that, create a strong focal point and key areas of interest to direct them through the display by allowing maximized display case space.