The Metamorphosis of the trade show booth design

The Metamorphosis of the Trade shows Booths

Ensuring the compatibility and functionality of a trade show booth according to the whims of a client is no easy feat. But highly equipped 3D designers make this possible. We are here to tell you the nitty-gritty details. To make the end product (booth design) pleasing, a lot of steps are involved in creating one.

Here we are going to discuss its entire metamorphosis of it in detail.

How does a trade show booth design is created?

Conceptualization: To understand the concept of a client’s plan, we need the following details to build a suitable booth structure.

  1. Purpose of making an trade show booth
  2. Mandatory elements (functional aspects) needed
  3. Color schemes (flooring, walls)
  4. Type of industry (service-based or product based)
  5. Holding space
  6. Implement any interactive elements

Flooring: Most businesses ignore the flooring, and use simple ones. But doing this is a passing trend. The idea is to use each inch of your space. And we discuss the flooring- printed, carpet, or raised flooring. Raised flooring is a must if you need 3-phase power or water access at the booth. The color schemes of the floor will be the same as that is confirmed during the conceptualization process. The cost of raised flooring is more than other counterparts, but is totally worth a shot!

Walls: The height of the wall is provided in the manual; however, if the client has a specific need and is much above the fixed height, needs approval. There can be times when clients ask for curved walls, which is a daunting task, but if it’s mandatory, we provide it, as we are a good trade shows booth builder.


Thou this step comes in 3rd position but is of utmost importance. For some trades shows booths, rigging is strictly for aesthetic purposes but for some, it could be purposeful. This is a design perspective, for further details, you could contact one of the booth builders to know the nitty-gritty detailing. Rigging is a cost-effective way to make your exhibit booth out without burning a hole in your pocket.


The kind you need to achieve a special goal with your exhibit. For example, if you plan on chatting and explaining things to them in a detailed format, you will need tables and chairs, and a holding area to sit and talk in your trade show booth. But if you need to process sales, you need to have a counter. But these pieces of furniture should go with the branding and your vibe. But some businesses prefer to have a logo on their counter for proper branding.


There is a wide plethora of lights available. But you need to decide what kind of lighting you need- an inviting, cozy, and homely vibe (dull lighting), a flashy vibe (colorful lighting). Standard lighting (LEDs) etc.


Depending on the industry types, we use a wide variety of graphics. And an exhibition designer spends a lot of time researching what kind of graphics look appealing that also go with the vibe.


There is a multitude of ways where you can use your logo on the trade show exhibitsBut you must consider contacting a stand contractor, where the 3D designers can tell you better ideas on how you can use your brand logo in creative formats.

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