Trade Show Trends that ruled 2022

Trade Show Trends that ruled 2022

Trade shows are the biggest platform to advertise and market your product and services. Everybody handling the business understands the importance of trade shows. They can be considered events that bring a group of suppliers, distributors, and consumers under one roof. Nowadays, trade shows can be physical, virtual, or hybrid. Following are the trends that ruled the trade show industry in 2022:

  1. Hybrid Events: Hybrid events are the ones that can be attended in person and online. While in-person events are the preference of the people, there are still many people who prefer attending virtual events rather than not attending any. Research shows 63% of professionals plan hybrid events for their Booth.

  2. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence Technology is widely used in the Trade Show industry in different fields. AI consists of chatbots, face recognition features, and service robots. AI can help in personalizing the recommendations for attendees and exhibitors. It indicates who the attendees should interact with at the exhibitions and what suits their business interests best.


  3. Drones: During social distancing, when in-person events could not occur due to travel restrictions and budget constraints, drones were being used for aerial photography and videography and were being used to reach the audience. Since then, they have been used for marketing the brand more efficiently

  4. Video Wall: Marketing through videos and moving content is widely used as a tool for Exhibit Displays to interact with more audiences. The human brain reacts to movement more than it reacts to static content. Video walls also make your Booth more recognizable than your neighbors. It also extends the time spent by your visitors at your Booth.

As time changes, the trends keep on changing as well. This decade has introduced many different technologies that have changed how the Trade Show industry works. To reach more audiences, brands must keep exploring new opportunities and ideas to reach more people. And Sensations Exhibit can help you immensely with new technologies that will set you apart from your competitors. 

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