Will Vaccine Acceleration In America Result In 100% Return Of Live Events?

Covid-19 stroke was felt hard a year ago across the world! Businesses being shut down lead to the downfall of the world economy. However, over the time span of perseverance and ample researches, world researchers and scientists came with multiple vaccines to combat Covid-19. The launch of vaccinations around the world and vaccination drive taking place, alleviated the pandemic panic amongst the healthcare provisions and citizens. Soon by May 1, more than thirty percent of Americans were vaccinated, as stated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC); with more Americans getting the shot every day! So, does that mean, live events will return to normalcy? To put the accuracy and facts upright, Brian Labus, Ph.D., MPH, REHS, assistant professor at the Dept. of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, UNLV School of Public Health provided insight to “vaccination and return of live events” in his recent interview.

Highlights Of The Story

  • Role of Covid vaccine in the re-opening of the trade show industry
  • Effect of new emerging variants on trade show & event industry
  • Vaccination rebounding pre-Covid normalcy
  • Safety protocols at trade shows & events
  • Expectancy of 100 percent re-opening of trade shows & events

Brian Labus addressed each of the above-mentioned statements in his recent interview and concisely explained the future proximity of the re-opening of the trade show & event industry and related concerns.

Brian Labus’s Response On Accelerating Vaccination Drive And Its Impact On Live Events

Elaborating “The role of vaccination in the re-opening of trade show industry”, Brian Labus explains:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) remains to release guidelines for fully vaccinated people. However, a traveler who is vaccinated is considered to be at low risk and requires no test or quarantine before and after travel. Further, he adds, groups of vaccinated people can gather with no masks compulsion and interact like before COVID. Meanwhile, unvaccinated people are not the beneficiaries of these options. In ended explaining the role of vaccination in the re-opening of the trade show industry by concluding, “COVID vaccinations are the path out of the pandemic and back to normalcy”.

Addressing “The effect of new emerging Covid variants on the trade show industry”, Brian Labus explains:

New emerging variants can be spread quickly or may cause more serious diseases in contrast to the previous variant. He further adds, “This may also pose a greater risk any time people gather together”. However, on the brighter side, vaccination appears to be effective even against the new emerging variants, which make it much more important than ever to get vaccinated in near future.

Explaining the third most important concern of trade show industry, “Can vaccination immediately result in rebounding pre-Covid normalcy”, Brian Labus states:

A certain percent of the population getting vaccination may not result in immediate pre-covid normalcy. Rather, it’s about putting an end to the covid spread in the community. Further, he states, “We must see the effects of vaccination in our case counts, and that’s what is going to drive behaviors”. In continuation, he says, getting back to normal may take some time but that has more to do with scheduling trade shows and events. Large events will be scheduled in the future however, we will see smaller and more regional/local events before large and international events.

Addressing, “Safety protocols like wearing masks at live trade shows & events”, Brian Labus explains: 

Masks are the most effective shield in stopping the spread of viruses and something that we need to continue to wear until we have the virus completely under our control. Further, he made his value addition by stating the importance of multiple layers. Multi-layers of fabrics enable more filtration while reducing the risk of catching the virus.

At last, answering, “Expectancy of 100 percent re-opening of trade show & events”, Brian Labus says:

“I am optimistic that we can get back to normal at the time when kids start returning to school by the fall”. However, it is completely dependent on how we respond as a community to the current and future situation. Concluding with, “We are on the virus’ timeline, and the virus has not been tipping its hand as to what is next”.

With the positive note left by Brian Labus, we hope to see a hundred percent re-opening of the trade show & events industry in the coming future!

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