Commercial UAV Expo Americas

06 – 08 Sep 2022 CAESARS FORUM, Las Vegas, USA | Commercial UAV Expo Americas is the International trade show and conference for commercial UAS.

Commercial UAV Expo 2022 Las Vegas – Leading trade show for commercial drone industry

Commercial UAV Expo is a global forum that unites commercial drone industry from airframes to sensors, software to services and more to share knowledge, form connections, and advances the sector. The Commercial UAV Expo 2022 is the largest international trade show and educational conference for professionals integrating and operating UAVs and UAS. Commercial UAV Expo Las Vegas is the best stage for exhibitors to stay informed with commercial UAS technology, trends and innovations, this is the finest opportunity of the year.

More about Drone Conferences and Expo Americas Las Vegas

This year, more than 200 exhibitors and around 2500 visitors from around 75 countries are expected to attend Commercial UAV Expo Americas 2022 in Las Vegas. Commercial UAV Expo offers an excellent opportunity to hear from the industry experts, sharing their knowledge, experience and learning on industry’s latest innovation, regulation, end-users and more.

Know about safety standards adapted at Commercial UAV Expo 2022 Las Vegas

Commercial UAV expo & Conference aims to create spaces where people and companies can connect, learn and grow. Thus, providing commercial standards to ensure safe and secure exhibiting experiences to the participants. Safety standards followed at Commercial UAV Expo Americas 2022 are mentioned-

  • Physical/Social Distancing – Exhibitors are advised to maintain social distance, treat fellow participants with respect and courtesy while avoiding handshakes and hugs.
  • Contactless registrations- All the participants are encouraged to do pre-registration.
  • Enhanced cleaning – The restrooms, doors, food service area, conference room tables, AV equipment, and common areas will be sanitized at regular intervals at Commercial UAV Expo & Conference
  • Hand Sanitizations- Hand sanitizers will be available across the exhibition hall, along with signage to promote their use.
  • Face coverings – Participants at Commercial UAV Expo 2022 are advised to wear CDC approved face masks to cover their mouth and nose. If the participants do not have CDC approved face masks, they will be provided the same at the venue.

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