GBTA Convention 2022

14 August to 17 August 2022, SAN DIEGO, CA, USA | Global Business Travel Association GBTA Convention is an international Trade Show for Business Travel Association Industry

GBTA Convention 2022 San Diego, CA Is The Prominent Annual Meet Business Traveling

GBTA is the platform that is providing an global stage to corporate travel professionals to exchange new practices, policies and solutions about the industry issues for last 50 years. At Global Business Travel Association Convention , innovators introduce the new technologies and forever altering business touring landscape to the world. Convention has grown to become the world’s prominent corporate travel event, featuring more than 7,000 attendees on an annual calendar. This event offers an excellent chance for the academics and business communities to exchange research in all the related areas with corporate travel enterprise. GBTA Convention also brings best ideas, latest trends and, technology in this very sector. The event also offers an opportunity to meet and greet under one roof to share experiences and newest studies by the leading corporation experts. This most awaited, GBTA Convention 2022 is going to take place on 14th August till 17th August on San Diego, CA.

Facts & Figures About Global Business Travel Association Convention

You would be surprised to know, GBTA Convention san diego is the world’s largest professional association that represents the $1.4 trillion corporate touring enterprise. The global membership of GBTA includes 9,000+ global business professionals from each continent. As a group, we directly control above $345 billion of global business travel and meetings expenditures every year. Moreover, we also represent every aspect of the global travel industry marketplace! Mission of GBTA Convention 2022 is to be the world’s leading source of global touring enterprise and knowledge worldwide- Knowledge that is created via education, networking, research and, advocacy delivered on demand.

More About GBTA 2022 Trade Show

Focus of GBTA Convention is to equip its members with the adequate industry knowledge and to navigate the rapid changing global touring business resulting in top line enterprise growth, improved managed programs and, exemplary careers. All of it is achieved through Specialized Events, Professional Development, Research and enterprise tools. GBTA Convention advocates for an open and competitive global business travel marketplace that enables passenger safety, pricing transparency, regulations that support work objectives and, improved infrastructure. Get ready to participate in GBTA 2022! Get in touch with us so that we can assist you designing and constructing creative trade show booth.

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Global Business Travel Association GBTA Convention