Modular Exhibits Rental Design Solutions

You can transform your ideas into a modular exhibits rental design and display that meets your needs.

Modular Rental Exhibits Design and Displays

Sensations offers a variety of modular exhibit rental stands that are lightweight, and easily configurable. Our exclusive rental inventory allows you to choose a booth that is suitable for most trade shows because of its versatility. Our modular rental booths and exhibits come in a variety of sizes, with display racks for monitors, literature holders and more storage.

You can grab the attention of your trade show attendees by choosing our latest booth rental design. These designs are creative and captivating, and they will speak volumes about your brand. Since over 20 years, we have been providing our clients with the most innovative modular exhibit rental displays systems. We aim to maintain the same level of precision with display rental exhibits. Sensations provides the modular booths, exhibits and designs that are best suited to your business’s needs, while also conveying a message about your brand.

What are Modular Exhibits Rentals?

Modular displays are designed by trade show manufacturers to meet the needs of versatility and flexibility while maintaining a low cost. Every time the exhibit is constructed, independent modular components are reconfigured. These rental exhibit systems can be built with no technical assistance thanks to the modularity of technology. Modularity allows rental booths (scaled or enlarged) to be adapted to trade show space or size. Booth displays allow you to customize your trade show display according to the floor space available at the event and the business goals.

Modular booths can be easily resized and downsized. They also feature flexible layouts which allow for creative and innovative modular exhibit designs to be created every time they are reconfigured.

You can rent modular trade show displays at Sensations Exhibitions instead of traditional trade show displays (custom booths). These modular displays come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small 10’x10′ booths that are ideal for start-ups and small businesses to large 40×40 displays for international brands. Modularity offers you the ability to customize your trade show displays to meet your event’s environment and business goals.

Our Creative Work on Modular Rentals Booth

Why Modular Rentals Booth?

These modular trade show displays are made with interchangeable parts. These exhibits are lightweight due to the modularity technology, making them easy to transport, assemble, and dismantle. Modular booths are the ideal choice if you want to exhibit without any hassle or stress.

Modular booths are more cost-effective than custom booths or booth rental displays. Modular booths can be reused, which will give you a better ROI. Modular displays are shipped in a sturdy and compact shipping case, which makes them easy to move and reduces construction and labour costs.

Trade Show Modular Rental Exhibits

We recommend modular exhibits as an investment since they are one-time. We offer a variety of modular booth rentals for trade shows to give you an incredible advantage. Our team will help you at every stage to maximize your return on investment with modular trade show exhibits.

Sensations is a leader in the design and manufacture of rental exhibits. You can contact our booth consultants if you have any questions about modular display systems or a brief you’d like to share. You will be guided in selecting the right trade show exhibits for your company and industry. For any modular renting and purchasing concerns, call us at +1 725-214-4524 or drop an email at