Modular Rental Exhibits, Design and Displays For Trade Shows

We ensure that our modular rental exhibits design and displays speak for your brand on the show floor


Modular Trade Show Booth and Exhibits Rental Displays

Sensations Exhibits offer array of modular trade show booths that are light weight and can be easily configured. We have our own exclusive modular trade show exhibit inventory from where you can choose an ideal modular trade show display suitable for almost all trade shows due to its versatility. The available range of modular trade show displays incorporate numerous sizes, display racks, monitor mounts, literature holders, and lot more storage.

In order to grab your attendees’ attention in an upcoming trade show, you must opt for our latest modular display booth rental designs that say a lot about your brand in a creative and captivating manner. Now for over two decades, we have provided the best modular display systems to our clients while aiming to continue the same with utmost precision in modular display rentals. All in all, to conclude, Sensations Exhibits offer the exact modular booth and design that best fits your business needs while evidently conveying your brand’s message to your visitors.

What Exactly Modular Trade Show Booths Display Are?

Trade show booth manufacturing companies design modular booth displays that are specially created to carter the need for versatility and flexibility at low market cost. Independent modular exhibit components are reconfigured every time it is built. Due to the modularity technology, modular display systems are extremely easy to build with zero technical support. Modularity technology also enables the modular trade show booths to be upsized, downsized and can be modified (scaled) as per the show space or other exhibiting factors. Whether it’s a small trade show, international event, or locally organized event, modular displays give you the accessibility to easily customize the trade show exhibit as per the show floor space and your business objectives. Hence, apart from being easily upsized or downsized, modular trade show booths display also have flexible layouts that can be turned into creative and innovative modular exhibit designs every time you reconfigure as per your requirement.

Unlike conventional trade show exhibits (custom booth and custom modular displays), you can avail modular trade show exhibits displays from Sensations Exhibits at various sizes varying from compact 10’x10’ modular exhibits suitable that are ideally suitable for small businesses/ start-ups to huge modular displays of 50×50 ideal for major/international brands. From more floor space to adding creativity in your exhibit displays, modularity technology offers you an advantage to tweak the trade show designs as per the event environment and your business objectives.

Why Modular Rental Trade Show Booth?

Modular trade show exhibit rentals are manufactured with interchangeable components and the lightweight feature given in these exhibits due to modularity technology makes these trade show displays easy to transport, install, and dismantle. Therefore, modular exhibit systems are the best-suited option if you are looking for hassle-free and stress-free exhibiting methods.

Needless to say, modular trade show booths have numerous benefits as compared with custom booths and custom booth display exhibits. Since modular booth displays are built to be utilized again (are reusable), it indeed gives you increased ROI. Other than that, modular displays are packed in a sturdy and compact shipping case that makes its transportation easy and makes the modular exhibits cost-effective while letting you save on labor and construction costs.

Trade Show Modular Rental Exhibits

Being the industry specialist, we recommend you to invest in modular exhibits since modular trade show exhibit rentals are a one-time investment and we are happy to offer you a wide range of modular trade show exhibits to serve you the incredible exhibiting advantage. From elite booth designs to easy trade show booth rental construction, our team provides assistance at each and every step to generate an optimized return on investment just with the help of modular trade show exhibits.

Sensations Exhibits has gained expertise in designing and manufacturing modular trade show displays. Therefore, if you have any query and brief to be shared related to modular display systems, you can easily rely on us and get in touch with one of our trade show booth consultant who will assist you in selecting an ideal modular trade show exhibit as per your industry type and business objective. For any concern related to modular renting and purchasing give us a call on +1 859 475 1915 or drop an email at

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