NHS 2021

21. – 23. October 2021 | NHS is an International Trade Fair for Hardware Industry

The NHS is the leading Hardware Show

National Hardware Show is a world-class event featuring worldwide hardware industries altogether. The show aims to endorse the hardware businesses and provide opportunities to the companies exhibiting in the trade show to interact, network and discover the latest innovations made in the world hardware industry. Majorly it’s a platform that offers you the tools required to equip your customer, empower your business, and engage with your industry’s leading professionals. All in all, NHS Las Vegas is an international platform you’d find everything you need to move your business forward including new buying opportunities, merchandising ideas & solutions, money-saving deals & face-to-face networking opportunities. Other than that, the event includes exhibitors coming from different parts of the world. Show organizers host training and seminars via NRHA stage sessions. Hence, National Hardware Show is an ideal stage full of opportunities for new businesses to establish contacts and build networks among potential business clients.

More About National Hardware Show 2021

The National Hardware Show celebrates a rich history of 72 years of serving the home improvement marketplace. From the time of its early beginnings in New York to today’s current location in Las Vegas, this show continues to evolve- industry’s involvement, commitment, and the passion to advance America’s quality of life through their homes. All this makes the NHS Las Vegas, the leading global meeting place for associations, manufacturers, organizations, and the media to learn about new products, ideas, and insights of home improvement resellers.

Why You Must Exhibit In Hardware Show?

National Hardware Show is the prime show and highly recognized for face-to-face sourcing, trading, and learning with over 20,000+ industry professionals, 15+ different product categories, and 120+ media outlets. Along with that 2,800+ exhibitors (amongst which 600+ new exhibitors) including 110+ inventors covering 15+ product categories- everything from homewares to international sourcing to “Made in the USA” products and much more. Therefore, if you are willing to participate in NHS 2021 then connect with us today for a free quote and design.
NHS National Hardware Show
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