The NGA Show 2024

10 – 12 March 2024 Las Vegas, USA | The NGA show is the most significant trade show for independent grocers, retailers and wholesalers food retail industry.

NGA Show 2024 is a leading trade show for independent grocers, wholesalers and food retail professionals

The National Grocers Association 2024 brings together independent retailers and wholesalers, leaders from the retail food business, food/CPG producers, and service providers under one roof. It provides them countless opportunities to learn, interact, network and showcase new products globally. The NGA Trade Show 2024 is an excellent place for exhibitors to strengthen connections and network with professionals in the industry, enabling participants to form partnerships with industry giants and acquire new potential clients. National Grocers Association 2024 Trade show is an ideal stage for more than 400 exhibitors, showcasing cutting-edge innovations to a global audience and enhancing brand value.

Why Exhibit in National Grocers Association 2024

There are countless reasons to exhibit in The NGA Show 2024 Las Vegas. Some reasons are as follows-

  • The National Grocers Association 2024 Trade show is a tremendous opportunity for exhibitors to interact and build connections with 3,500 industry professionals.
  • NGA Show 2024 offers you a chance to explore more than 40 educational courses, workshops and sessions that provide insightful information on market trends, emerging challenges and cutting-edge best practices in the industry.
  • The National Grocers Association Show 2024 Las Vegas is the best stage to witness over 100 presenters. Independent merchants and wholesalers will share best practices to help you boost your bottom line.
  • The NGA Show in Las Vegas is a wonderful opportunity to explore new products and comprehensively understand the industry while attaining professional goals.

How does the NGA show address the health and safety of exhibitors?

Regarding the current situation with the coronavirus/COVID-19, the NGA show is adhering to the official directives issued by the CDC and state and municipal agencies. The priority is ensuring the safety of all exhibitors, guests, and employees associated with the National Grocers Association show. Some precautionary measures adopted at the National Grocers Association 2024 Trade show are as follows-

  • Maintaining social distancing and monitoring crowd management.
  • Strengthening of health and safety measures
  • Informing people about new rules and policies
  • Encouraging people to wear facemasks

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