Petroleum Equipment Institute - PEI Convention 2022

01 – 04 Oct 2022 Las Vegas Convention Center, USA | PEI is an international trade show for petroleum marketing equipment and energy handling devices.

PEI is leading event for energy handling equipment and services industry

The Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) is a trade organization whose members manufacture, distribute, and service petroleum marketing and energy handling equipment. PEI was founded in 1951 and now represents more than 1,500 member companies throughout all 50 states and more than 80 nations. PEI 2022 is divided into five sections: Technology, Facility Operations, Food service, Merchandise, Candy & Snacks, and Fuel Equipment & Services. The PEI Convention show 2022 displays the latest equipment and technologies for liquid handling and fuel marketing.

Why you must exhibit in Petroleum Equipment Institute 2022?

PEI 2022 is an ideal forum for exhibitors to explore a wide range of opportunities in the energy handling equipment and service sector.

  • PEI Convention Show 2022 provides exhibitors with plenty of opportunities to network and learn at the four-day event, which will also provide plenty of educational sessions.
  • At PEI Convention Las Vegas, exhibitors will have the chance to learn, network, buy, and sell as well as connect with individuals working in the petroleum retailing sector.
  • PEI 2022 Trade Show, the largest exhibition of energy marketing equipment is a massive platform for the exhibitors to maximize the exposure of their company and to specialize in the fuel and fluid handling industry.
  • The PEI Convention Show 2022 offers an excellent opportunity for newcomers to gain exposure and explore the industry at a global level.

Know About Find Red Volunteer Program at PEI 2022 Trade Show

Find Red is a program designed to bring PEI volunteers in contact with customers and potential customers at the PEI Convention 2022 Las Vegas. A typical registration area might include the kick-off breakfast, PEI Industry Reception, educational programs, and other PEI events. The volunteers at the convention centre welcome attendees provide general information and direct traffic inside the convention centre. For each participant who shows up exactly on time for their scheduled sessions, his or her member company will receive two PEI Priority Points at PEI 2022. Visit Sensations Exhibits if you are looking for a reputable las vegas trade show booth rental exhibit design company to exhibit at PEI Convention show 2022.

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