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Trade Show Booth Rental Design Ideas For Solar Power & Energy Industry Shows

Did you know that trade show booth rental that incorporates creative product display/design helps in building successful face-to-face connections? Well, that’s the fact accepted by all the trade show marketers- “power point of any booth rental is its design”! Conveying the right message to your audience is the key to get inside their minds and investing in a well-conceptualised trade show booth rental design can help you achieve the objective. However, design of a trade show booth is a subjective matter- products differ from industry to industry. So does the nature of product, its size hence, its representation!

Since trade shows enables products to escape website and catalogue confinement, it becomes crucial to offer first-hand intelligent representation to the products. Considering a unique product demonstration draws a crowd and encourages your trade show booth rental attendees to engage with brand, and products, this blog post will offer you some exclusive insights of trade show booth rental design ideas particularly for solar power & energy industry show!

Upcoming Solar Power & Energy Industry Trade Shows

Speaking of solar power & energy industry trade shows in particular, you will realise that there are massive machineries and equipment to showcase in your booth! Which require some re-thinking of design outlays. The same is lined-up to be discussed further in this post. Before that here are three highly recognised solar power & energy industry trade shows to get idea from:

Distributech: DISTRIBUTECH International is a highly proclaimed event that focuses on bringing one-on-one engagement and to build business relationship. Typically, Distributech conference provides knowledge, products & services associated to energy efficiency, electricity delivery automation & control systems, renewable energy integration, demand response, T&D system operation and reliability, advanced metering, cyber security, water utility technology, communications technologies, and much more.

PowerGen International: PowerGen International, annually organized trade show works as a knowledge giving and experience sharing platform. The show goes on for three days representing new innovations made in energy industry. Whether its visitors or exhibitors- all have the opportunity take benefit from PowerGen International as it hosts insightful seminars, conferences, and discussions while focusing on the newest industry topics, trends and inventions. 

Intersolar North America: Intersolar North America is proclaimed as the prime trade show focusing on solar industry. The event offers comprehensive and exclusive insights about the American and international solar sector. Significantly the trade show emphases on solar thermal technology, photovoltaics, and solar architecture. Other than that, Intersolar also include PV cell, manufacturing system suppliers, components and mounting systems suppliers, module and inverter manufacturers, service companies as well as manufacturers of solar thermal applications, heating and cooling.

Trade Show Booth Rental Design Ideas & Product Positioning

  • Create An Environment: Create an environment that emphasis the products- environment similar to the products. To achieve the same- add graphics, relatable props, and hanging signs. You can also install kiosks right next to the products describing its geographies and advantages. This kind of architectural trade show booth rental design aids in enlightening products’ characteristics and adds the definition to the space and brand.
  • Light Up The Products Bright: Highlight your products with bright lights. You can choose HQI light, LED light or concealed light (spotlight) putting more attention on your products. Lighting up the shelves or display cases, or simply blasting the entire booth with lot of light will help centralizing the products.
  • Build A Stable Platform Supporting Big Products: Since big products often sit on the trade show booth floor, you must build a strong platform. For that, we recommend original flooring covered with a carpet. Avoiding any kind of flooring will eliminate the chances of product displacement during the show. Therefore, choose a carpet over any other type of flooring to build a stable platform that supports big products.
  • Mount The Products: Products up to 20 kilograms can be mounted however, it require extremely strong structure in order to support and prevent fall-out. Typically, the same is suggested for small to medium sized products but mounting big products comes with certain terms and conditions. If you opt to mount big and heavy products, we suggest you to analyse all the odds attached with it.
  • Avoid Displaying Too Many Big Products: A trade show booth rental swamping with too many big products looks cluttered where the space of your trade show visitors is compromised. In order to prevent clutter, consider displaying only your best sellers or new launches. It’s a proven advice for increased positive results. 


The Decade Of Transition Trade Show Technology Insights

The Decade Of Transition: Trade Show Technology Insights

Tracing the back-dated history of the trade show industry explains how exhibiting model came into existence- by demonstrating goods in market called “bazaars” specifically in Middle East. Fast-forwarding approximately 100 years, 1851 got legitimately engraved as a year marking the first-ever trade show hosted by Queen Victoria! Indeed history has a lot to showcase the bygone era of traditional marketing but when you look around, you will realize, you are all surrounded by automation-inspired technology.

Accepting the fact, technology innovation is largely considered as a process to accelerate, streamline and economize the activities around us; meanwhile, it has also contributed to transforming businesses across the world. Speaking of which, technology has always been a valuable aspect in delivering show insights, work efficiencies, and improved decision-making at the trade shows. Believe it or not, event technology has helped increase 20% trade show attendance, proliferate productivity by 27%, and reduce costs by 20-30%? Let’s unveil a few of the trade show technologies witnessed over the last decade! 

Digital Directories/ Catalogs

Years back, printed directories and catalogs were in mainstream at trade shows. However, today, the numbers of printed directories are dwindling fast. By that time, a surge was witnessed in digital directories and catalogs resulting in print cost savings while enabling show investment somewhere else. Here are some compelling findings denoting the advancements seen in trade show industry with the growth in digital catalogs:

  • Increase in visitors engagement by 33 %
  • Increase in sponsorship sales by 13 %
  • Decline in printing cost by 7 %

Event Software Programs

Two prime factors of trade shows are face-to-face marketing and lead generation- to which, strategic planning and right execution are just as fundamental to attain the success on show floor! However, in 2008World Economic Forum stated, “It’s crucial for event organizations to have core competencies- that come along with technology readiness”. In later years, event software programs such as etouches and schedulers came into existence streamlining communication and providing an optimal timeline to stay on track.


The American Marketing Association defines gamification as “the process of utilizing psychological and sociological factors driving intense gameplay to consumer measurement”. Gamification is a fantastic method to craft an environment on show floor that encourages active participation and holds attendees in an interactive mode. In fact, the response suggests that businesses gaining acceptance as investments in software programs show significant monetary benefits besides greater customer engagement. As a matter of fact, New York Based Company reported revenue growth by 126 % in the first half of 2013 soon after incorporating gamification software in its business model.  

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has drastically amplified the value of trade shows in past few years. Not even five years back, CES was proclaimed as the virtual reality technology show of the years in 2016- had an entire section of VR showroom that became a buzz in the tech world. A survey conducted in 2016 to collect responses in favor of Virtual Reality suggested, 52% of the customers were likely to associate with a brand sponsoring VR experience. Meanwhile, Intel showed a profound interest in representing what VR has to do with presentations and events by exhibiting in CES 2017.

Virtual & Hybrid Trade Shows

By the end of 2020, trade show industry took a drastic shift in hosting events. A situation with which we all are familiar! Virtual events in response to pandemic were likely to offer support to the tearing industry. Report submitted by Event Outlook, stated, 93% of business leaders invest in virtual events. On the other hand, same study report stated, 97% of event marketers expecting growth in hybrid trade shows. This new exhibiting model indeed gave flexibility and expansion to the industry.

Coming towards the end, last and foremost technology introduced by Sensations Exhibits called “Smart Booth” is another add-on to the list! Smart Booth comes with access to operate your physical booth by being remote. Hence, this decade has served tremendous technology innovations beneficial for the trade show industry while enabling organizers and exhibitors to make the most on show floor. Let’s embrace the offered innovations and see what the coming decade holds for future events!  

How To Represent Your Trade Show Booth Efficiently To Attract The Visitors

How To Represent Your Trade Show Booth Efficiently To Attract The Visitors

Design is the king and you just can’t play around with it, giving least importance to all its aspects. An expert designer knows and works on entire possibilities and thus come up with most exhilarating trade show exhibit designs for your stand. So, before you convey the trade show message to your stand visitors, let the exhibition booth design do the entire talking on your behalf!

Considering business booth is kind of mirror image of your brand/business, expo booth designs and trade show booth rental concepts fall in the most pivotal hack of your entire construction project.Designing a persuasive booth from scratch takes time and laboratory attract the visitors.

A list of best practices to attract your show visitors!

  • Sign Board Design As Per Customer’s Need:An effectively bright and persuasive sign board can accurately convey the right brand message. Just simply ensure that you keep the message bold, interactive, interesting yet informative to get your customers engaged and motivated to be the part of your trade show.Also, the stand graphics and text should speak the language of your brand that help your show be the most prominent one against all!
  • Design Boards That Shouts Benefits: During your event or in media campaigns, always avoid promoting your business features. Instead, it’s better to design your banners that speak benefits about the products and services your business has to offer. How they can save money, what is best for your customer, how helpful or valuable it can be. So, let your clients explore benefits of your brand just by simple glimpse.
  • Add Display Tech for Better Engagement:Use technology in the best way possible and certainly in your great advantage. If you are expecting to utilize LED or LCD please ensure you keep your audiences engaged and interested. An effective digital display helps them know about your product and service.

Experts find the right inspiration and take creative exhibition booth ideas into consideration before things fall into place. And since we offer exclusive trade show booth exhibits in USA, we guarantee the most effective trade show booth representations that can attract a number of prospective leads on your show floor.


Technology Trends For Trade Shows Happening In 2021

The trade show industry has seen an unfortunate downfall in past one year. Events being called across the industry lead to uncertainty and discerning situation. Meanwhile, virtual events grasped the drowning rate of trade shows. Big shows went virtual and managed to take place! But by the time (a few months ago), the trade show industry started responding with events confirmations and governments to re-open the industry. However, re-opening of the trade shows added quite a change- strictly to be followed by exhibitors and visitors for the public’s safety. In this course, health and hygiene protocols also came along with the hybrid format- which seemed to be implemented by several shows. Of course, hybrid trade shows were the expansion to the events while maximizing the trade show’s reach by enabling exhibitors and visitors to participate from anywhere in the world. However, it turned; hybrid events couldn’t replace face-to-face trade shows!

Face-to-face trade shows indeed, can’t be replaced. Interaction and networking at in-person events widen the business opportunities and ways to demonstrate your products. Herein, combating the uncertainty of interaction with visitors and industry peers, we propose the idea to install technology in your trade show booth. Therefore, if you want people to interact with you and explore your brand, technology is a great way to encourage safe interaction. These technologies include digital elements and interactive online experiences. Here are some possible technology trends that you can incorporate in your next trade show display.

Technology Trends You Can Incorporate In Your Next Trade Show Booth

  • Gesture Catalogues
    Gesture Catalogue is one of the technology driven concepts that replicates the traditional pamphlets and brochures to display your company profile, products and services offered. It gives ease to browse about your company and offered products & services using in-store tablets/smart screens. These catalogs are typically an example of smart technology to display customized digital business catalogues that can be operated via hand and voice gestures.
  • Video Walls
    The ability to interact with visitors is the key to create enriched experiences. And the perfect way to attract increased footfall and engage your trade show booth visitors is to share visual content via video walls. Video wall technology adds an innovative paradigm to the exhibiting experience- an immersive way to achieve the most! By simply covering the walls of your trade show booth with multiple video walls, can help transform the regular space into a truly immersive space.
  • AI For Exhibitions
    It’s not just that Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology re-shaped the entire computer science branch but also gave the technology edge to the exhibition industry. Automated lead generation, client feedback and integrated visitor’s analysis are few extensions that benefited to exhibition industry in assistance with Artificial Intelligence. AI technology integrated into exhibition stands designed and built by us contain the advancements backed by AI.
  • Schedulers
    Eliminating the lack of communication, schedulers work as the viable technology for exhibitors and visitors to stay updated about the meeting and conference to take place at the trade show. Other than this, schedulers are also specialized in profiling your company detail, products & services including staff information and types of available collaborations. A more significant aspect of schedulers is, it is integrated with ER Show Interactive Trade Show Floor Map enabling the exhibitors to pre-book the hall and booth stands in real-time and extends the benefit to search booths and their respective product and service offerings.

Additional Technology Take Ways For Your Next Trade Show Display

Downloadable business cards and e-brochures encompassing your company’s information can be the relevant technology to incorporate in future trade show booths. Other than that, you can also include graphics containing the QR code that will ensure a touch-less exchange of information. Indeed, technology is inevitable that continues to evolve at a rapid pace. So, let’s just utilize the offerings of revolutionizing technology that can later help you and your company to grow a single touch.