Toyfest West 2023 Trade Show

27 February to 3 March 2023 Las Vegas USA | Toyfest West is one of the leading trade shows in toy industries.

ToyFest 2023 is the most prominent trade show for toy trade industry

Toy Fest West Trade Show in Las Vegas is produced by WTHRA, a non-profit organization that aims to develop , market, administer, and nurture this trade exhibition in order to educate its members and the industry it serves. The Toyfest 2023 Trade Show has expanded throughout the years and is now ranked as the second-oldest and second-largest toy trade show in the US. Toyfest West Coast Toy Trade Show offers immense opportunities to help your brand stand out to buyers. The blend of great western weather, easy arrival and departure on our big conference facilities, and the casual reunion-like atmosphere to be a winning combination, all are the reasons of making ToyFest West Trade Show a big hit.

Why you should attend ToyFest West 2023 Las Vegas

There are a plethora of benefits to participating in ToyFest West Trade Show in Las Vegas. Here are a few of them:

  • The ToyFest West 2023 provides an incredible opportunity to hear from industry leaders willing to share their expertise, experience, and learning.
  • ToyFest West 2023 Las Vegas is a terrific forum for exhibitors to build strong networks with industry leaders, allowing participants to form alliances with industry giants and meet potential customers.
  • Toyfest West Coast Toy Trade Show is a tremendous opportunity for exhibitors to get the holistic overview of the industry at global level.
  • The Toyfest 2023 Trade Show provides an excellent chance for exhibitors to explore numerous business opportunities in the toy trade sector.

Know about COVID safety measures

Although , the masks are not required for ToyFest West Trade Show in Las Vegas but the mandate continues to apply for public transportation, airports, and air travel. Some safety measures taken are-

  • For visitors who have had all necessary vaccinations, masks are optional but not necessary while at the WMCLV.
  • Wearing masks is mandatory for non-vaccinated people.
  • Vaccination records won’t be scrutinized.
  • As always, showrooms are in charge of their own areas and may decide to demand masks in their showroom regardless of a visitor’s level of immunization if they so wish.

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