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Creating Extraordinary Trade Show Booth Designs To Activate Your Brand On Show Floor

Flawlessly Executed Trade Show Booth or Exhibit Design Ideas For Our Valuable Clients

Bringing you high-end trade show exhibits exclusively designed at our operational headquarter in Anaheim, California- a place where creativity brews! Working with Sensations Exhibits will give you the advantage of proudly presenting your brand on the show floor since we curate the unseen secrets of trade show booth design ideas and invest them in the right way to offer you the game-changing trade show exhibit. We understand that demonstrating your brand amongst hundreds of competitors requires a stand-alone exhibit design! That’s what our 3D booth designers are experts at. Their understanding of your booth design brief is as compatible as your understating of your brand! So, please help us with your brand and trade show exhibit design brief, and our team will pull out the best booth design ideas to showcase your brand on the show floor.

Have you booked the trade show space and now looking for a trade show booth design company to work with you? If so, you got heard! Sensations Exhibits is the solution provider to cater to all your trade show booth design needs. Since listening and understanding are our maximum capabilities, we give a considerable amount of time to know the essence of your brand so that we can assist you in accomplishing a remarkable position in the market.

We create experience along with the booth designs – designs that tell your brand story, help you connect with the right audience, and help you attain the results on the show floor. Therefore, we offer comprehensive design and management solutions from the trade show booth concept to its execution! Most importantly, we ensure to incorporate the reflection of your brand’s value and mission that sets you apart from the competition. So, let’s connect and make your trade show booth happen- filled with creativity and interactive elements.


Booth Designs That Tell Your Brand Story

Visually appealing show booth ideas assist you in communicating your brand story. At Sensations Exhibits, we invest time in understanding your business type and your marketing goals on the show floor- according to which our in-house exhibit designers narrow down some of the best trade show booth ideas that tell your brand’s story with passion and creativity. In fact, from booth design ideation to lighting, flooring, furniture, and compelling graphics, our skilled design team plans everything! Rest assured, we have a highly-skilled, experienced, and creative team of trade show booth design experts who are well-versed in translating your brand message into an attention-grabbing story to convey to your attendees.

Why does Exhibit Design Matter?

The simple answer is to generate qualified leads at the trade show booth and get maximized conversions. Yes, that’s right, booth design does create a difference while generating favorable results for your business. To further serve that purpose, Sensations Exhibits has a huge inventory of trade show booth ideas that are creative enough to help you stand out from your competitors. Above all, our trade show booths fulfill the necessity to align your brand with the marketing objectives and make your brand experience unforgettable- Thanks to the versatile design options created by our in-house 3D designers! Hence, dynamic trade show exhibit designs are crucial to help you capture the right audience’s attention.

We have created a gallery of our unique exhibit creations for our recent work.

We Offer Trade Show Exhibit Design Ideas For Various Budget Range

Sensations Exhibits, being considered the leading trade show booth design company, acquires one of the industry’s largest trade show inventories, helping our clients make the selection of booth design easier than ever. You will find a booth that fits your budget, either rent or purchase. Yes, you heard right! We offer booths under various budget ranges- economic exhibits, custom build, and modular trade show exhibits. Check out Exhibit Search to find the right fit under your budget.

Customize The Trade Show Booth As Per The Ideal Representation Of Your Brand

Sensations Exhibits, a leading trade show booth design company, offers various styles and sizes. Moreover, we have numerous exhibit sizes, ranging from 10′ x 10′ to larger booths. Being our client, you have the advantage of customizing the designs as per your requirements. You can include furniture, flooring, lighting, counters, and graphics to give the exhibit the perfect essence of your brand. Therefore, customizing the original exhibit design idea allows you to represent your brand in an ideal way.