5 Hot topics that will dominate the trade show industry

5 Hot topics that will dominate the trade show industry in 2023

Attendees trust what they see live than what is present on the internet. And attendees have zero ideas about what they want to see. The big daddies of the trade fair industries have taken it upon themselves to enlighten these businesses with hot topics. These hot topics are nothing but “rockstar content” discussed as an attempt to make exhibitions more interesting and less sterile.

Gaining leads is not only the purpose of attending trade shows. But there are other purposes where you learn about the latest technologies, enlighten with hot topics and learn what is new in the market.

Circular Economy

This concept includes three steps- making less waste, contributing less to pollution, recycling materials/products and lastly regenerating Mother Nature. The idea is to create urban mines, produce less waste and follow recycling. Moreover, this concept can be used while exhibiting in Las Vegas trade shows by using a rental booth or a customized one.

Resources Conservation

A concept to establish a circular economy. Businesses maintain resources in a valuable loop so that industries, depending on it will always stay in the loop. This is again an interesting topic for all businesses irrespective of what kind of industry you’re in. And for the event industry, a business can save up by using this concept.

That brings us to the next topic of discussion.


Businesses strongly believe “if they do good, they will prosper”. Many businesses have formal governance in place that takes care of sustainability in business. Sustainability is nothing but processes that do not cause any negative impact on the environment, community, or society. So, sustainability has become a hot topic over the years, especially during prominent exhibitions, enlightening people.

Digital Technology

Deployment of digital technologies will help businesses to gather footing at their trade show booth- better customer management, score brownie points in security, top-notch interaction with attendees (chatbots), time management, creating immersive visuals and creatives projecting through screens, etc.

Nowadays, businesses design exhibits or booths with digital technology- live feed, VR, AR, AI, etc. 

Product/Process safety

Ensuring product safety is not a crime. But if not ensured can turn into a disaster (life-threatening events). A business must make or recycle a product following basic rules, and legal obligations set by the Govt. It is mandatory to assure the security of the employees at an exhibition show or conference.

Conclusion: As we summarize, numerous sponsors have presented these pertinent topics to guarantee the sustainability of businesses in the long term, protect the security of the employees, and double the profitability of businesses by incorporating digital technologies. 

Hope you enjoyed our blog. But if you want to design a customized exhibit or rent an exhibit with the latest features and technology, please let us know. And our executives will get back to you in the next couple of hours. 

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