8 Rental Exhibits Frequently Asked Questions Explained To Mitigate Your Booth Search

8 Rental Exhibits Frequently Asked Questions Explained To Mitigate Your Booth Search

Trade show rental exhibits comes with a great degree of flexibility since it enables exhibitors to add, remove and re-configure the elements as per their business objectives. This flexibility gives the unique characteristic to the exhibit rentals while allowing the companies to exhibit on show floor without bearing the full investment or ownership. Other than that, renting a trade show booth facilitates exhibitors to try hands over diversified branding and marketing concepts. Trying multiple rental exhibits also allow you in evaluating the success and results of your participation. Another foremost advantage of trade show booth rental is range of selections!

Renting a booth makes it easier for you to reap out the benefits via showcasing your brand and product in show-stopping like rental exhibit without owning it. Well, it all comes true to reality only when you choose the right kind of trade show exhibit rental. Here, we suggest you to keep all your exhibiting needs in mind while finding the best search. We present you 8 rental exhibits frequently asked questions explained to mitigate your booth search and dilemma associated with it!

Rental Exhibits Frequently Asked Questions Explained To Mitigate Your Booth Search

How Can I Rent A Trade Show Booth From Sensations Exhibits?

Find your best trade show booth rental match with Sensations Exhibits via benefiting our functionality called “Exhibit Search”! You will find the Exhibit Search Tab on the right top most corner. Simply click on the tab and it will redirect you to the new page showcasing you the rental exhibit search functionality. Choose exhibiting city, select trade show booth size and submit the same. Now you have options to find the best booth rental match for your upcoming trade show! You can also refer to the video given on the same page for step by step usage of exhibit search. 

Can I Install Fresh Graphics In Rental Exhibits?

We hear you out! Every trade show comes with different objectives- that can be fulfilled with the help of various techniques. Graphic representation is one of those techniques. Therefore, if you have the requirement of brand new graphics to be installed/ re-configured in your rental exhibit then we will do the same for you. Simply convey your fresh graphic requirement to our trade show expert and we will fulfill the same in assistance with our in-house creative graphic designing and printing team.

Is There Additional Costing For Additional Exhibit Essentials?

We believe in offering the exactness to our clients. In fact, we work in a manner where all the exhibiting requirements of our clients are addressed. Speaking of additional exhibit essentials, yes it comes with additional cost. Additional exhibit essential are the exhibiting elements that are demanded above the exhibit rental (exclusive from trade show booth rental you select).   

Can I Demand For Modification In Selected Exhibit Rental?

After finalizing your rental exhibit, you can ask for modifications as per your need. However, kindly note, you can only make cosmetic changes (like flooring color, AV, size of TV, graphics, and brochure stands) in your booth rental and not the structural changes (like pillars and ceiling). Several modifications are the carrier of additional costing that you can discuss with assigned project manager at the given time.

Who Will Be Responsible For Shipping, Installation, And Dismantling?

Sensations Worldwide is a turnkey trade show booth rental company, where we look after end-to-end exhibiting services. Therefore, you do not have to worry about shipping, installation and dismantling of the booth. Our support team is available to handle the shipment of rented booth, its installation and dismantling.

Can I Preview My Trade Show Booth Rental Before The Show?

Seeing your exhibit before its shipment to the show site is always exciting. In fact, previewing a trade show booth rental before the show also minimizes the chances of last minute surprises. Therefore, we always take the approval of our clients before shipping the booth on show site. It can be via photographs, video call or in-person- depending upon the client’s feasibility!

What If I Need Additional Furniture, Literature Stand, Monitor, And AV?

Sure, you can place request for additional furniture, literature stand, monitor and AV to upgrade your rental exhibits. Kindly note, any additional exhibit essential has the additional cost effect on the final bill. Therefore, when you request for such extra exhibiting elements, you are accountable to pay the cost above the rented booth. These additional requirements can be discussed with the project manager during brief sharing.

Can I Keep The Rented Trade Show Exhibit Until The Next Show?

Yes, you can keep the rented trade show exhibit until the next show as we manage multiple clients who have annul show calendar and wants to use the same exhibit with multiple configurations. So we can work on the storage agreement and store your trade show booth rental until the next show. In fact, this is the most prominent advantage of renting an exhibit where you can also save the cost.  

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