A Journey Of Delivering 4500 Square Feet In 45 Days At World Petroleum Congress

World Petroleum Congress is highly sophisticated event- all about gas and oil industry! The theme of this program revolves around Innovative Energy Solutions. Multiple seminar and educational sessions are held every year at WPC- leading discussions about the changing energy landscape all over the world. 23rd edition of World Petroleum Congress took place in Houston, USA- where experts and re-inventors came together from the energy and scientific sector to display their knowledge and innovations. In fact, WPC USA is a chief international platform for the exhibitors to connect and explore newest information from the industry’s topmost executives, innovator policy authors, government leaders, and technical experts.

As a matter of fact, 23rd edition of World Petroleum Congress 2021 returned to Houston, for the first time since 1987 bringing more than 5,000 trade show attendees from 70 different countries. Following the legacy, the event served as a catalyst while shaping the future of energy industry along with key global experts and leaders. Lastly, World Petroleum Congress USA welcomed more than 75 companies who displayed their respective special features in Innovation.

What Our Journey Looked Like In World Petroleum Congress?

Indian  Oil- a diversified, integrated energy association with presence in almost all the streams of oil, gas, petrochemicals and alternative energy sources; a world of high-calibre people, state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge R&D; a world of best practices, quality-consciousness and transparency; and a world where energy in all its forms is tapped most responsibly and delivered to the consumers most affordably.

Our Client’s Requirements And How We Fulfilled Those In 45 days?

  • They wanted Indian flavor in terms of trade show booth concept
  • They wanted glass partition (that wasn’t allowed under the technical guidelines)
  • They asked for “SYNERGY IN ENERGY”- Partnerships for a Sustainable Future theme of the India Pavilion Some innovative
  • The pavilion had be showcase India and the Indian Hydrocarbon Sector Highlight the avenues of Growth and Investment in the Indian Hydrocarbon Sector encompassing upstream as well as downstream
  • The India Pavilion should have prominent branding of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Government of India in addition to the companies that will participate in the exhibition. 8 companies are likely to participate in the exhibition namely IndianOil, ONGC, HPCL, BPCL, OIL, DGH, EIL. It was required to project these companies under MoPNG as a cohesive unit. Out of the 4500 sq ft area, 1000 sq ft area will be allocated for DGH.

Results Achieved In 45 Days- Successfully Delivered 4500 Square Feet Trade Show Booth In World Petroleum Congress Houston

  • To complement the Indian touch in the booth, we made meeting room in the centre of booth surrounded with tricolor LED lights.
  • To help them in creating “SYNERGY IN ENERGY” theme, we proposed the swirl hanging concept, wherein, swirls are symbolic to “SYNERGY”.
  • In order to give them a glass partition (which wasn’t allowed under the technical guidelines of the organiser), we opted for the acrylic (glass look alike) partition.
  • Last, but most importantly, we gave 8 different companies under Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Government of India the same exhibiting solutions and elements to maintain the uniformity of the Pavilion while fulfilling all their exhibiting needs.

The booth came out to be perfectly executed. As a matter of fact, we completed 4500 square feet booth in 45 days along with last minute changes.  We delivered flawless audio video even after having n number devices in the same trade show booth. It was the piece of seamless production. In fact, the final booth was better than the 3D views. Client found free flow in the booth and graphic printing beyond expectations.

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