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Trade Show Booth Rental Design Ideas For Solar Power & Energy Industry Shows

Did you know that trade show booth rental that incorporates creative product display/design helps in building successful face-to-face connections? Well, that’s the fact accepted by all the trade show marketers- “power point of any booth rental is its design”! Conveying the right message to your audience is the key to get inside their minds and investing in a well-conceptualised trade show booth rental design can help you achieve the objective. However, design of a trade show booth is a subjective matter- products differ from industry to industry. So does the nature of product, its size hence, its representation!

Since trade shows enables products to escape website and catalogue confinement, it becomes crucial to offer first-hand intelligent representation to the products. Considering a unique product demonstration draws a crowd and encourages your trade show booth rental attendees to engage with brand, and products, this blog post will offer you some exclusive insights of trade show booth rental design ideas particularly for solar power & energy industry show!

Upcoming Solar Power & Energy Industry Trade Shows

Speaking of solar power & energy industry trade shows in particular, you will realise that there are massive machineries and equipment to showcase in your booth! Which require some re-thinking of design outlays. The same is lined-up to be discussed further in this post. Before that here are three highly recognised solar power & energy industry trade shows to get idea from:

Distributech: DISTRIBUTECH International is a highly proclaimed event that focuses on bringing one-on-one engagement and to build business relationship. Typically, Distributech conference provides knowledge, products & services associated to energy efficiency, electricity delivery automation & control systems, renewable energy integration, demand response, T&D system operation and reliability, advanced metering, cyber security, water utility technology, communications technologies, and much more.

PowerGen International: PowerGen International, annually organized trade show works as a knowledge giving and experience sharing platform. The show goes on for three days representing new innovations made in energy industry. Whether its visitors or exhibitors- all have the opportunity take benefit from PowerGen International as it hosts insightful seminars, conferences, and discussions while focusing on the newest industry topics, trends and inventions. 

Intersolar North America: Intersolar North America is proclaimed as the prime trade show focusing on solar industry. The event offers comprehensive and exclusive insights about the American and international solar sector. Significantly the trade show emphases on solar thermal technology, photovoltaics, and solar architecture. Other than that, Intersolar also include PV cell, manufacturing system suppliers, components and mounting systems suppliers, module and inverter manufacturers, service companies as well as manufacturers of solar thermal applications, heating and cooling.

Trade Show Booth Rental Design Ideas & Product Positioning

  • Create An Environment: Create an environment that emphasis the products- environment similar to the products. To achieve the same- add graphics, relatable props, and hanging signs. You can also install kiosks right next to the products describing its geographies and advantages. This kind of architectural trade show booth design aids in enlightening products’ characteristics and adds the definition to the space and brand.
  • Light Up The Products Bright: Highlight your products with bright lights. You can choose HQI light, LED light or concealed light (spotlight) putting more attention on your products. Lighting up the shelves or display cases, or simply blasting the entire booth with lot of light will help centralizing the products.
  • Build A Stable Platform Supporting Big Products: Since big products often sit on the trade show booth floor, you must build a strong platform. For that, we recommend original flooring covered with a carpet. Avoiding any kind of flooring will eliminate the chances of product displacement during the show. Therefore, choose a carpet over any other type of flooring to build a stable platform that supports big products.
  • Mount The Products: Products up to 20 kilograms can be mounted however, it require extremely strong structure in order to support and prevent fall-out. Typically, the same is suggested for small to medium sized products but mounting big products comes with certain terms and conditions. If you opt to mount big and heavy products, we suggest you to analyse all the odds attached with it.
  • Avoid Displaying Too Many Big Products: A trade show booth rental swamping with too many big products looks cluttered where the space of your trade show visitors is compromised. In order to prevent clutter, consider displaying only your best sellers or new launches. It’s a proven advice for increased positive results. 

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