How to Maximize Engagement with Attendees at your Trade Show Booth

How to Maximize Engagement with Attendees at your Trade Show Booth?

Trade shows serve as the overture to shape business relationships and double up the chances of growth and opportunities. However, attending trade shows can be tedious and weary for attendees. As rightly said by Tara-Nicholle Nelson- you cannot buy engagement but you have to build engagement. So, building a good engagement is an art. And a good trade show booth can serve you the purpose.

A good trade show is a success when a business is able to deliver an immersive experience to the visitors that holds their attention and secures the interest of your visitor.

Build Pre-Event Momentum

The primary requirement of a successful exhibit display is to build excitement and anticipation for the upcoming exhibits. Leads from trade shows have a short shelf life, so we have to act fast. This can be achieved in three simple ways:

  1. Social media promotion : To create good hype beforehand, social media campaigns on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn notify the audience and create buzz and excitement. Live streaming of the event’s day highlights helps in promoting the booth.

2. Email outreach: Marketing via email is an effective way to bring a remarkable ROI. It allows the attendees to look for your brand’s booth beforehand.

3. nIfluencer partnerships and Media coverage: Industry publications, journalists, and partnerships with influencers promote awareness for the exhibits. Highlighting the key and fun features of the upcoming show using sneak peeks of the giveaways and check-in for the win will engage attendees beforehand. 

Trade show display using Beacon & Touch Technology

Beacon technology allows the organizers to connect to the attendees in the booth rental’s proximity by displaying a coupon, personalized content, and notification on their respective devices that help to share the company’s collateral, like a flyer or a brochure which results in getting quick attention from visitors. Touch technology involving smartphones, interactive screens, and tablets embedded in kiosk workstations provides a hands-on approach to attendees to learn faster and makes it easier for them to understand complex concepts and products.

Artificial Intelligence and Immersive 360 video

AI has the potential to revolutionize trade show booth design displays and captivate visitors. Virtual sales assistants, chatbots, or shopping assistants can help attendees navigate the booth and provide personalized recommendations based on their experience. Using AI in Trade shows can help with automated lead generation and follow-ups. Immersive displays using 3D holograms and high-resolution projectors help customers to visualize the product in a more tangible and interactive way.

Interactive signage and QR code

Investing in high-quality design and signage is necessary to create a dynamic and memorable exhibit by using interactive elements. Motion sensors and a QR code scan strategy can provide a digital version of the booth with information about products and services, allowing attendees to interact with the brand effectively.

Photo booths 

A booth display can effectively boost sales and awareness to a wider audience. Interesting backdrops like selfie mirrors, filters, and frames create a vintage feel for attendees and encourage them to share their experiences on social media, increasing the reach and visibility of the brand.

In a world of digital technology, live interactive shows offer a valuable opportunity to develop authentic connections. Leveraging networking opportunities using innovative trade show exhibits display establishes the brand for growth.

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