Hybrid Trade Show Displays- The Most Demanding Displays In Near Future!

Hybrid Trade Show Displays- The Most Demanding Displays In Near Future!

No doubt trade show industry has enormous trade show booth rental inventory. And here comes the hybrid trade show display! Hybrid exhibit rentals are no new to the trade show industry. However, with given time and trade show approach, hybrid trade show booth designs have taken anew place in the industry lately. You must have heard that hybrid exhibits are also called as custom hybrids, portable hybrids, or modular hybrids. All in all, these terms justifies the same thing- modern style of trade show displays featuring a profusion oftension fabric graphics and aluminium structures which are the building blocks of hybrid trade show display.

Reasons why hybrid trade show booth displays are going to be the most demanding displays in near future amongst exhibitors is it looks like custom-designed, are ship light, and at last, are easy to reconfigure and assemble. Other than that, following are few more reasons to its popularity. Have a look!

  • Hybrid trade show booth shave variety of tools to display the graphics including roll-able graphics, fabric graphics, lighting,extrusions, and specialty plastics.
  • You can install additional accessories such as counters, canopies, headers, and monitor mounts.
  • Hybrid trade show displays are the great choice for quality visual impression under a tight budget. You can easily save up to thousands of dollars by choosing hybrid display over any custom displays.
  • Hybrid displays are way more portable system than custom displays offering an exceptional flexibility to build and dismantle it!

Hope now you have understood by hybrid booths are so much hyped. Almost every second exhibit manufacturer and trade show booth rental company highly recommends their latest modular hybrids,portable hybrids, or custom hybrids inventory to choose your ideal trade show rental.

There are two major hybrid exhibits features that you won’t deny:

Aluminium: Aluminium is light in weight, it is durable, and is a functional material for hybrid structure.

Tension fabric: Tension fabric used in hybrid booths is durable, vibrant, and is a cost-effective material for graphics.

Therefore, together, these two major features serve as the most significant foundation for hybrid displays price ranging from $4,000 to $250,000.

Is hybrid display an ideal solution for exhibitors?

Well, the answer is yes! For over 80% of exhibitors, hybrid display is the most accurate solution for their trade show due to its light weight, durability, portability, cost-effectiveness, and design versatility. Hence, hybrid trade show booth rentals carters an ideal solution for every exhibitor. More than anything, if your goal is any less short-term, then this is the best solution to your trade show requirement.

If you are planning to expand your business, even then, hybrid exhibits are best to opt for due to their versatility of graphics. If you have to participate in multiple trade shows during one single year then promoting different products to target your audiences, hybrid serves the full-fledged purpose of having different graphics. This versatility allows exhibitors to completely modify the booth for every new show to exhibit in. For exclusive hybrid trade show displays, contact us today since we are the most reliable trade show booth rental company the USA for the last 20 years.

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